Vertical Legend Anders Tellen


Name: Anders Tellen

Job: Brand Manager 24/7 Distribution ( buying and marketing)

Where are you from? Dortmund, germany

Where do you currently live? Dortmund, germany

Kids / family status: a wonderful daughter which is turning 16 this year

Age: 47

Sponsors: Creature Skateboards, Bones Wheels, Bones Bearings, TSG Safety Gear, Independent Trucks, Stance Socks, Converse Flow

Board size: 8.6″

Wheel size: 56 to 58mmm depends on terrain

Trucks: 159 Independent

I change set up every: this depends if I skate concrete or woooden ramps. Usually between 4 and 8 weeks

When I chill, I chill :with my girls

Im have been on a mission lately in ( with) always on a mission with my board. Trying to bring back tricks and finding new lines

Lately I have been working on, getting my Vert skills back

When I was little I would like: to stay little

When im home I like to relax and regain new energy

Normaly call my homies for Skate Sessions

Your homies are all my Skateboys

I enjoy to go to the Movies and restaurants

Favorite drink is Arehucas Rum from Canary Islands. But I almost never drink anymore

Favorite food is Vegetables and Pasta

When I cook  I cook breakfast


I listen to Guitar sounds, metal, rock and Pop

To go to resturant is nice. I like to get served

Favorit skateboarders Way to many. Miller, Gonz, Russel, Austin Gilette, Raybourne… Rune…!!!

Favorite skatepark Our local Indoor Bowl, Hans OMSA Pool, Bielefeld Vert Ramps, Princepark Oceanside, Combi Pool….

Favorit spot : to many… Depends on my mood

TOP 3 citys: San Franciso, Malmö, Hamburg #

When I do not skateboard I work a lot, ride my bike, movies, restaurants, chill…

My fitness program is a little yoga lately. Biking, running…. A lot of sleep.

When I get old I want to still be able to roll on my board


I would like to see more of the world. So many good spots everywhere. Need time and money to travel more.

That one time where I was in jail because of this guy that was arguing with police and they took all of us with them

I should do more of…. Well, I do as much as I can

My future looks like nothing but a good time. That is what I will make it…!!!

I dream of Skateboarding a lot. Sometimes I even have nightmares of slamming

The book I currently read is: I just finished the Martian. Good read…

I currently follow ( sociale media) Instagram and Facebook. Also spend some time on You Tube

We found this dope footage of Anders & friends from 1986 !!

Thanks ANDERS TELLEN !! You are a true LEGEND !! 


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