Lodge Guest, André Schou


Name: André Schou

Current: Job / school: Gartner, Roskilde Tekniske Skole

Where are you from? Denmark. Mexican mother.

Where do you currently live? Albertslund, outside of Copenhagen

What nationaly do you feel the most? Danish

Age: 23

Years of skateboarding: 8

Board size: 8.5

Wheel size: 55mm

Trucks: 149

Please state your type of terrain on your board in hours, days and years or other

Vert: 50%

Bowl: 50 %

Please tell us about your daily DAY by the hours, (or tell us about your longest day the last week’s) we want to know how your day is looking like


06.00 Shower + quick breakfast

07.00 Hop on my bicycle

08.00 Class starts

12.00 Lunch

15.00 Get ready to cycle home

16.00 Stop by Aldi in Hedehusene to get Maternus Beer

17.00 Grocery shopping

18.00 Prepare some food

19.00 Eat it!

21.00 Try to fall asleep ASAP

When did you start to skate and why? What tricked you into this?

15 years old. Seeing everybody rolling

When I chill, I chill with,

Marco Loco, Valdemar Okkels Madsen

I enjoy going to, Fælledparken


Beer: Harboe

Breakfast: Oat

Lunch: danish brun bread

Dinner: Rice

Resturant: Netto

Skateboarders: Glifberg, Kring

Skatepark: Fælledparken

You fave Tricks: Fs Ollie

Music: Phil Collins


When I travel, I always bring, Socks

Best life advice I can give is, Keep your feet warm and sing in the shower

Are you good with money (do you plan, safe it, cash in or blow it)? Blow it

When I do not skateboard I, bicycle, guitar

Do you care about your health? Yes, but it is complicated.

Anything that concerns you at the moment? Food Choices

When I get old I want to, be strong

I would NEVER, kiss a goat

I dream of some day that I would, Fs Ollies

Everybody should own a, drying rack

Photo: unknown, credits coming

Photo: unknown, credits coming




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  1. Shirl says:

    Congrats to you! Sounds like you're making the leap to a healthier and more focused lifestyle I'm trying to do the same thing on my ow12&8#1n;but may need some direction in the near future! I'll look forward to your posts!

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