Im rolling like this, MY board with JONAS SKRØDER



Jonas Skrøder, Ghetto Foto: Thomas Kring

Jonas Skrøder in Hullet. Ghettofoto: Thomas Kring



Sour boards, today i ride a 8.5 Josef Scott Jatta, i like it, he is one of my best friends, I use to live with him in Barcalona. Board is good for bowl, street and vert. Dope grip job i have done.  I ride different sizes depending of what i ride. When i skate street,  i prefer 8.38, a bit smaller deck, lighter.  I dont have a religion, trend or other  regarding setting up my deck. I hate, I REALLY hate,  to set up a new deck, or put it together. I skate boards down till the board is DEAD. Also if i get new shoes i always set up a new board.


Indy 149mm, semi loose trucks, good for bowl, street and vert


54MM  Spitfires Classics,  When i skate street,  i prefer smaller wheels, really small. Then my board is lower & lighter.


uhhh, REDZ, i think




Jonas Skrøder

Jonas Skrøder, showing his set up, extra points for the camo pants. Foto: TK


Jonas Skrøder

Jonas Skrøder, Smith grind HULLET Copenhagen 2016 in DOPE camo pants. foto: TK

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