My set up, Kevin Bækkel

Kevin chills & talk set ups.

Kevin chills & talk set ups.


Kevin board.

Kevin board.


Set up talk with Kevin B.

let see what he rides, what he likes, how he set it up and why ? as told to Thomas Kring, the other day.

BOARD(S) SIZE:  8.6 x 14.75

BRAND: Creature

I like all the Creature boards, i ride different ones, at the moment i ride the team board. I Really like the Sam hitz model.  I allways have 3 bolts for each trucks. 2 x front truck bolts HAS to be placed to the right side.  Other one opposite side. This is very important. it HAS to be this way….it HAS to be this way….it HAS to be this way…


check the bolts.

check the bolts.

WHEELS BRAND:  the WIDE Spitfire 54mm, I change wheels 3-4 times a year, i like them used.

WHEELSBASE:  dont know, i like to try new boards and new sizes.

TRUCKS BRAND: Hollow Indys 149mm, I like my trucks as used as possible, grind that shit down. Also i use my older bushings in my new trucks,  I keep the older Bushings as long as possible.

BEARINGS Brand: Bronsons

I take the caps off for louder bearing noise !!


CAPS off, makes a louder noise

Bearing open, caps off, makes a louder noise


GRIP: MOB grip is the best. that is what i ride.




Betonpart with Kevin.


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