MY Set up, William Frederiksen

Time to talk about SET UPs, We have a series over the next weeks with “MY” set up. Today we welcome William Frederiksen  & his SET up.  Lets see how he rolls.





WF, holding his set up here.

WF, holding his set up here.



SIZE:  8.6 x 14.75


Back in the day, i was ridning 7.5 / 7.75   now I have found a Brian Andersen, board that i love, i currenly have 5 of them. Im farked because 3D is no longer around.  So i do not know what do to. The big board is wonderfull, i can not all my tricks on it, but skateboarding feels soooo great with this big size board. im a fan.



BRAND:  Spitfire 52mm,  just because Peter Stege told me to ride this.

I like new wheels, ridden a few days.


WHEELSBASE: I have cut down my wheelbase, i have cut it  down to 14.5,  as the 14.75 was to big, i could barely ollie with this long wheelbase. Now it is perfect.



BRAND: Indys.

I ride Hollow indys, 149 mm. To keep it light as possible.  I use 4 x BONES soft Upper bushings, in my trucks. Yes, correct. the top bushings ONLY. To get a quick(er), responsive & faster turn.  I can turn my board with my front foot, very important. Stoked on this  Also i do not get wheel bites. This is my secret trick.



Brand: Bones Swiss, ceramics,

4 years old. i clean them every 2 weeks, they are STILL very fast.


GRIP: This i Really do not know.




Hollow independent trucks, to keep it as LIGHT as possible. IMPORTANT.


WF, wanted to point out. the SIDE sticker JOB, to keep it fresh.

WF, wanted to point out. the SIDE sticker JOB, to keep it fresh.



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