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Nicoline in Finland. Nice slam. Finlands fineste Foto: Keke Leppälä

Nicoline, Nice slam. Finlands fineste Foto: Keke Leppälä




Name: Nicoline Egeberg Jeppesen

Current: Job / school: I just finished my first year of the bachelor’s degree in ‘Global Nutrition and Health’.

Where are you from? Odense, Denmark

Where do you currently live? Copenhagen

Age: 27

Sponsors: None

Years of skateboarding: I’m not quite sure anymore, we’ll need 3 hands to count it by now though.

Board size: ‘’8,38

Wheel size: 53mm

Trucks: Theeve – TiKing

I change set up every: time there’s a good reason for it.

Current Board trend: 8-4-2-1?

When I chill, I chill with, alone or with friends and family!

Im have been on a mission lately in (with) Summi – we just came back from a week in Finland yesterday. Among many missions, we had to check on Keke and his new house. We met up with many friends on the way and had good sessions and cheesy (literally) BBQ’s. It was such a good trip! Finland is beautiful!

Dream session is, without any injuries. And any fun session really.

Lately i have been working on, enjoying my holiday.

When I was little I would like to, understand the meaning of life. Then I watched some Monthy Python and I think they got it right.

When im home I like to, edit videos or play the synthesizer and the guitar, I’m not very experienced, I just record stuff for fun.


Nicoline has a few tricks in here.




I normally call my homies for, session and to hang out

I enjoy going to, anywhere where nature still rules!

Favorite drink is, more than one; ‘Fernet con Coca’/Coconut water/Faxe/Coffee/rosé

Favorite food is, avocados

Favorite drug, Oh green world!

Favorite music, a long talk! I’m into many genres.

Favorite film, another long talk.

Favorite skateboarders, the ones I skate with and the ones who like to have fun when they skate.

Favorite skatefilm, Habitat-Mosaic and P.J. Ladd’s Wonderful horrible life. I like Magenta’s clips as well. But I can’t follow the speed of new videos anymore, the internet is a jungle of new stuff.

Favorite spot, I often find myself at the red plaza.

When I cook, I cook, what comes to my mind.

To go to restaurant is, running sushi!

To go to trick when you are farked is, not always a good idea. Or else the no comply collection or NBP’s mini-mini-mini.

To go to trick when you are winning is, any trick that feels good in the moment. Or when you learn a new trick!

TOP 3 Cities,

there are so many cities I’m still craving to visit, but by now the top 3 is:



Paris, I never got to skate there though.


Nicoline in Finland. Nice slam. Finlands fineste Foto: Keke Leppälä

Nicoline in Finland. Nice slam. Finlands fineste, photo: Keke Leppälä


When I travel, I always bring, music

Best travel advise I can give is, Travel if you can

When I do not skateboard I, draw, play music and video games, watch movies and hang with friends or family.

My fitness program is, my bike, board and yoga.

When I get old I want to, be a friendly and happy old lady.

I would like to see more of, sustainability and happiness!

That one time where I was in jail because of, I prefer being between bars, not behind them.

I should do more of, yoga!

My future looks like, I’m gonna spend the next 2 ½ years in Copenhagen finishing my education, including 2 internships and a semester abroad. I’ll wait and see where and what that’ll lead to.

I dream of, being more or less self-sufficient one day having family, dogs and other animals around with a small park, mini or bowl in the backyard, and work with something in relation to what I’m studying now.

The book I currently read is, on pause.

The best travel I have been on, There’s been so many good ones, but in 2013 I went to Argentina, NZ and Australia for about 7 months in total and I think that has been the travel that made the biggest impression on me and from what I’ve learned the most.

If I could change the world I would, I would implement certain sustainable knowledge and other good things like the invention of skateboarding, in everyone’s brains and then start from scratch with the rest. I would probably feel a bit anxious about having that responsibility though.

Everybody should own a, blender!


Noseblunt slide, Copenhagen. Foto: Cecilia 'Croissant' Hakunamata

Noseblunt slide, Copenhagen. Foto: Cecilia ‘Croissant’ Hakunamata


The hobby I have, no one knows about is, I don’t even know.

I will never get rid of, humour

Life advise so far ?

Don’t rush through it and focus on the good things you have, be you and do what you love to do. Accept that both good and bad times come along. Smile about the good ones!

Anything else, thank you, Kring, for always being a cool and supportive person! Lodger and out.


Thanks Nicoline for killing it & supporting the lodge. 


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