Lodge Guest, Gabriel Engelke

gabriel engelke foto .sergio pontillojp

gabriel engelke foto: sergio pontillojp


Name: Gabriel Engelke

Current: job / school: Photographer

Where are you from? Sweden

Where do you currently live? Barcelona

Kids / family status: 1 year old little Lou and my girlfriend Florence

Age: 34

Sponsors: Carhartt Nike SB Antiz and Session Skate shop

Board size: 8.25

Wheel size: 52 mm

Trucks: thunders 49

When I chill, I chill with-

Im not chilling that much but when it happens

Its with my lady bcs shes knows how to save me

From my hyperactivity  

Im have been on a mission lately in-

Russia Sotchi with carhartt on a trip arranged by Place mag

Lately i have been working on-

Scanning the endless amount of negative film that I got

Stacked up at home. 

When I was little I would like to-

Climb everything everywhere

Feeble. foto: Bertrand Trichet

foto: Bertrand Trichet

When im home I like to-

Keep on renovating the apartment we bought Its an endless List of things to do.

I normaly call my homies for-


Your homies are-

At the moment here in Barcelona im hanging with

Pali Negrin, Christian Brunnström, Jano Saez, Sergio Pontillo

Steve Forstner. Fabi Ponsero And many more you all know the

scene in BCN you just leave The door step and the spot is just

there and the homies too

I enjoy to go on-

Long bike trips

Faviorite drink is-


To go to resturant is-

Happening a lot these days

Favorit skateboarders-

Too many names to mention 

Favorite skatepark-

The new park up at Canelles

Favorit spots-

La bobila diy in Badalona

And another diy in Badia

When I do not skateboard I-

Shoot photographs

When I get old I want to-

Keep doing things that inspires me 

I would like to see more of-

A Brighter future to our planet 

My future looks like-

Im going to turn in to a Spanish/French man

I dream of –

Not having to worry about being broke

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  1. Eloise says:

    What a plrasuee to meet someone who thinks so clearly

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