Lodge local Legend, Benjamin Kappel Schmidt


Name: Benjamin Kappel Schmidt

Current: Job / school: Lab engineer in a forensic toxicology lab

Where are you from? Fanø, Denmark

Where do you currently live? Oslo, Norway

Kids / family status: Girlfriend and three kids, two boys aged 7 and 3, a 9 months old girl

Age: 41

Sponsors: Quit them when I was 30

Years of skateboarding: 29

Board size: 8.38

Wheel size: 53ish

Trucks: 149’s

I change set up every: Once or twice a year

Current Board trend : Skateboarding is still pretty fun

Your daily DAY by the hours, ( or tell us about your longest day the last weeks)

06.00 Supposed to get up. Snooze

06.30 Wake up, dig the sand out of my eyes and shower

07.00 Eat breakfast with the family and make lunch packs for the boys.

08.00 Take the boys to kindergarten and school

09.00 At work. Get some coffee

10.00 Work

11.00 Work

12.00 Work

13.00 Work

14.00 Work

15.00 Work

16.00 Work

17.00 Leave work

18.00 Do some homework with my oldest boy and eat dinner with the family

19.00 Get the smallest two to bed

20.00 Get the older boy to bed and maybe go skate once in a blue moon

21.00 Daily chores, Netflix or skate

22.00 Get a bedtime snack

23.00 Zzzzzzzzzzzz
How are you doing at the moment ?

Pretty good. I just came back from London and before that Barcelona and leaving for Paris tomorrow. I’m judging the Nike SB euro series – really happy and thankful to be a part of that. After Paris I’ll go with my family to the in-laws on the Norwegian West coast, then Berlin for the last stop on the euro series and then Denmark with the family. Other than that I have an exciting job and a beautiful family.

When I chill, I chill with, my family, my good friend Sven or the guys I skate with once in a while here in Oslo.




Im have been on a mission lately in ( with) all of Europe (it feels) with Keld, William, Pedenørden, Lune and the rest of Danish gang. Good times!

Dream session is, any session with all the boys from Copenhagen

Lately i have been working on, getting my act together with planning stuff. I’m not there yet but I’m trying.

When I was little I would like to.
Some woman at the library my mom worked at once asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up and I said I wanted to be unemployed so I could ride a moped all day. Luckily, it turned out a little different.

When im home I like to, spend as much time as possible with the kids.

I normally call my homies for, getting a skate session together or just say hi.

Your homies are, too many to mention. I’ve found a good crew here to skate with but unfortunately one of them just moved to Sweden. I miss skating with the boys in Copenhagen, too! Troels, Ronni etc.

I enjoy going to, any place, really.

Favorite drink is, beer

Favorite food is, shrimp, self peeled on white bread with mayo, avocado and slice of lemon.

Favorite drug, caffeine

Favorite music, it varies. Some of favorites are Led Zeppelin, Jane’s Addiction, Miles Davis and Erykah Badu. I listen to a lot of different music

Favorite film, Big Lebowski

Favorite skateboarders, The Gonz, Chris Miller, Chris Pfanner, Ronnie Sandoval. Kyle Walker. I don’t know. Lots of guys, new and old.

Favorite skatefilm. I liked Propeller and it always stokes me to watch her Questionable or Hokus Pokus.

Favorite skatepark. I’ve been skating the newish concrete Park in Oslo lately. Really fun

Favorite spot. Depends on the crowd

Favorite woman / men ( blond, fat, thin, big, small) I like them pretty

When I cook, I cook, mostly some pie with salmon, broccoli or spinach, feta cheese and carrots.

To go to resturant is. Having three kids no family nearby to babysit I don’t get to go out that. Any place with decent food will do. I like sushi

To go to trick is, an ollie

To go to trick when you are farked is, an ollie. I’m always farked

The Hobby I have no one knows about is, a secret



To go to trick when you are winning is, an ollie

TOP 3 Cities, San Francisco, Copenhagen, Berlin. Not in any particular order.

When I travel, I allways bring, too much stuff

Best travel advise I can give is, don’t stress and make sure you have lots of time in airports. I like observing people

TOP SUCK citys, I think badly of Odense but that’s probably mostly because the time I lived there was a bad time in my life

When I do not skateboard I, hang with my family mostly, or friends

My fitness program is, almost non-existent

When I get old I want to, be a happy man

I would like to see more of, my Danish friends here in Oslo

That one time where I was in jail because of, scratch that

I should do more of, reading, sleeping, skating

My future looks like, pretty much like now, which is not too bad.

I dream of, winning the lottery. Gotta start playing

The book I currently read is, Parasites Like Us by Adam Johnson

On Netflix I watch, Orphan Black, The Fall, Bloodline, The Americans

If I could change the world I would, get Bernie Sanders back in the race

I would love to be in a movie with, I would hate to be in a movie

I currently follow (social media, instagram twitter, facebook)

Too many instas to keep up. At least its made cut down on Facebook

Life advise so far ? Don’t blow it

Anything else?
Learn from your mistakes, be good to people and smile at strangers sometimes. Have fun when you’re skating

Thanks, for welcoming me in the lodge. Thanks to my family, thanks to Troels, thanks to Keld and William, thanks to anyone putting good vibes into a session

Thanks Ben for supporting the lodge !

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