Balder Lehmann, Hardworking Concrete shredder

balder frontside pivot

Balder frontside pivot in Fælledparken before the flat was poured. Photo: Morten Westh

Name: Balder Lehmann

Current: job / school:  pro FSR concrete & owner

Where are you from: Rødovre, 1o mins from Copenhagen

Currently living: Copenhagen

What are you doing right now/ this month ?

We (FSR Beton) just finished a job in Kalundborg DK where we took down an old wodden park, and rebuild it, and now we are preparing us for the next job starting up next week in Sams

What is your job and what do you do ?

I got at company called FSR Beton, with my good friend Claus Hermansen ( Herm) we are building skateparks arround scandinavia, and have been doing that the last 4-5 years

How come you got into concrete ?

Herm got me in to it.. and then i tryed it out in hullet. then one day a had the chance to go and help out Danger on a job in sweeden, and took the chance, Herm kept telling me to come work with them, but i thought it was’nt anything for me, but i got stoked and had the chance to keep working with thoese guys. that was a life changer.

What is the future plans for FSR ?

The plan is to keep building some good parks! try to get as mutch skatpark for the money ass you can, we are not here to be millionare on skateboarding, but to build some sick parks for everyone that skate. and to keep learning new peeople and new techniques.

Are you living the dream ?

dont know if im living the dream, i never dreamed of this ? i never knew that we could do stuff like this before. but im happy about what im doing, and proud of myself and all the sick guys that are working for us. thankfull would be the word i think…
It’s another way on living of skateboarding, i think every kid wanna be a pro skateboarder, me to, but now i just got a chance to give even more than i think any pro skater can ever give, here there is your new skatepark ? i mean that is maybe the best thing to give any kids ? and i still get to skate a lot and try out all the new stuff we build, and have a word on the design, that is really cool!

What would be your dream project ?

I really wanna buy a house with a lot of land, and then just build my own skatepark, cause you allways have to please someone else when you are building something, would like to build just what i want, so i hope i can do that one day 🙂

Any thing else ?

allways wanna thank those peeople that help me out, so thanks to everyone that still gives me stuff! and thanks to everyone that support FSR Beton, thanks to everyone who ever learned me something with concrete! Danger, team Canada, daryl, Herm and everyone else. thank you Kring, love to skate with you! you are the man!

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