Lodge Guest, Kim Berthelsen aka Kim Slim B


Name: Kim Berthelsen

Current: job / school: Wonder concrete

Where are you from? Copenhagen

Where do you currently live? Østerbronx

Kids / family status: none

Age: 22

Sponsors: none

Board size: 8’12

size: 54 dessert Crew Wheel

Trucks: 149 indy

When I chill, I chill with. Slux, dessert freaks

Im have been on a mission lately; jægers hehe

Lately i have been working on: Birkerød Skatepark

When I was little I would like to… skate parken

When im home I like to. Chill an eat

Normaly call my homies for. Party and bullshit

Your homies are. The dumb ones

I enjoy to go to. All over openhagen

Favorite drink is what ever is in the bag

Favorite food is i love it all

When I cook  I cook. Again i love it all

I listen to. The voice ofcourse

To go to resturant is. Cosi fan tuti

Favorit skateboarders. Everybody

Favorite skatepark. The old fælledepark

Favorit spot. downhills unfortunatly theres none here in dk

When I do not skateboard I. Hang out enjoy life

When I get old I want to. Build my own Castle.

I would like to see more of. Sudamerica

I should do more of. Traveling and skatin

My future looks like. Working working working

I dream of. Summer and sailing thru the canals

The book I currently read is. MetroXpress news

I currently follow. Dj Khaled

Anything else & thanks : thanks to Wonder concrete so i Can have a job of course and mom too

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