Lodge Guest, Peter Stege


Peter Stege

Peter Stege, Nørrebro, Copenhagen Photo: Thomas Kring


Name: Peter Stege

Current: job / school: Brother at FSR Beton

Where are you from? Vanløse 2720, Copenhagen

Where do you currently live?  Nørrebro 2200, Copenhagen

Kids / family status: Free agent, but surrounded by kids old and young!

Age: 26

Sponsors: polar, adidas, sidewalk, spitfire, indy

Board size: Between 8 and 8.5

Wheel size: 53-55mm

Trucks: indy’s

When I chill, I chill with, a passion

Im have been on a mission lately in,   Pool pub cph, snooker mission that is!

Lately i have been working on, Concrete season is out so i been working on skate legs and beer belly!

When im home I like to, Sit back, maybe even lay down

I normaly call my homies for, For a skate, surely for a beer, and defenitly for them to come by with a pizza the day after!

Your homies are, Jonas moses morten hjalte so on, lodge squad, fsr squad! rasmus sand where you at???

I enjoy to go to, I dont enjoy going out the snow that much! in the summer i enjoy going anywhere in cph!

Faviorite drink is, Tuborg classic, guiness, occasional white russian, and a pastis

To go to resturant is, I dont know… mcdonalds?

Favorit skateboarders , Gonz Cardiel Stranger Quim so on! all the classics! also off course all the boys i skate with! Jonas Hjalte Balder Hugo Ville on and on and on Pontus Oski whole polar squad! fucking Burger King! Fredd – interview please!


Peter Stege and he’s party crew. side note: somebody from this picture is getting monday interview soon…. Photo: Thomas Kring


Favorite skatepark,  Fælledparken before and after rebuild!

Favorit spot , Jamers and then Floss after

When I do not skateboard I, Work work work, have a beer, game of snooker

When I get old I want to, I will properly be doing the same thing for a while!

I would like to see more of, j skroedz comeback is gonna be gnarly

My future looks like, Goodtimes overall

I dream of   Speedbumps in the bike lane

Peter Stege at the Munkbo skatepark.

Peter Stege at the Munkbo skatepark, Photo: Thomas Kring


Thanks to Stege for your time,  Super dope. Good to have you on Team lodge  !  

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