Malmø’s very own Nils Svensson


Name: Nils Svensson

Current: job / school: Manager at Bryggeriet in Malmö and photographer for clients like Polar Skate Co. , Carhartt, Converse and numerous magazines.

Where are you from: Lund

Where do you currently live: In Bröddarp just outside Malmö city

What are you doing right now/ this month ?

I just finished up an article for Giftorm about our South Africa trip last december. At Bryggeriet we are just starting the contest season with Betongcupen, Ultra Bowl, Back to Värnhem etc so lots of preparation work.

What is your job and what do you do ?

I’m managing Bryggeriet together with my friends Tobias Henriksson and John Magnusson. This involves everything from board meetings to shovelling concrete at the next skatepark that’s being built. High to low and everything in-between but my main focus at Bryggeriet is marketing and communications.

I’ve also been photographing skateboarding since the mid 90’s and been working with different brands and magazines for a long long time.

A fat frontside wallride Photo: Pontus Alv

How come you got into photo ?

I was really into skateboard magazines and used to look at skate photos a lot. I just wanted to capture my friends like it looked in the mags.

What is the future plans for Nils ?

I’m having a kid in oct  (that was 2015)  so the world as I know it will change drastically. All I know is that there is exciting times ahead and I look forward to this new chapter. I’ll continue with what I do. Documenting our skate scene and my friends and keep on working at Bryggeriet to make the Malmö skate scene the best it can be.

Do you see yourself as a skateboarder that foto’s ? or a foto’s dude that skateboards ?

It definitely started out as a skateboarder that shoots photos and I really want to keep it that way. These days I’m skating more in my mind than in reality and we need to change that. You can’t be a legit skate photographer if you don’t skate.

Are you living the dream ?

Yes. I feel blessed working with what I love and I’ve been having a great time doing it for almost 20 years now. I live in a house on the countryside, got an amazing wife, lovely dog and a daughter on the way. It’s perfect!

What would be your dream project ?

I love traveling and exploring new countries with a good crew. I haven’t been to Japan yet so that would be my dream project. Tokyo with the OG Djura Posse Malmö crew. Epic.

Any thing else ?

Big thanks to the CPH skatescene who’s always been welcoming the Malmö crew since the 80’s.

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