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Wacko Maria has collaborated with Carhartt WIP  creating an 18 piece capsule collection which sees iconic Carhartt WIP pieces reinterpreted by the Tokyo brand. Familiar Wacko Maria design elements feature throughout the collection – leopard print, embroidered black letter motifs – casting classic pieces, such as the American Script Sweatshirt and OG Active Jacket, in a new light. Leopard print continues to feature prominently throughout, and has been applied to two iterations of the OG Detroit Jacket – as both a printed outer canvas and a lining – as well as Wacko Maria’s signature open collar shirt.

Two colorways of Wacko Maria’s Skate Pant are also included, but have been executed in Carhartt WIP’s robust cotton twill. The collection is rounded off by a reworking of the classic American Script T-Shirt with embroidered co-branding, and a subtle take on the Chase Beanie.

Wacko Maria, the esoteric Japanese streetwear brand, was first launched in Tokyo in 2005 by Atsuhiko Mori. With each collection underpinned by its founder’s love of music, the brand’s clothes are a heady mix of revolutionary imagery and punk sensibility, which deftly subvert menswear staples.

Past collaborators have included the artist Weirdo Dave, photographer and filmmaker Larry Clark, and director Jim Jarmusch – underlining a culture- led approach that informs the entirety of the brand’s aesthetic. The accompanying images for this collaboration were shot in Shibuya, Tokyo by Taro Mizutani, a regular collaborator with Wacko Maria.

Wacko Maria x Carhartt WIP will be available on October 10th, 2020 online and retailers around the world – GO find it and see below  for dope ITEMS


Wacko MariaxCarhartt WIP_i028223_0D6_02-ST-01 Wacko MariaxCarhartt WIP_i028223_0E1_02-ST-01 Wacko MariaxCarhartt WIP_i028229_0D6_00-DT-02 Wacko MariaxCarhartt WIP_i028229_0D6_00-ST-01 Wacko MariaxCarhartt WIP_i028229_0D8_00-ST-01 Wacko MariaxCarhartt WIP_i028229_0D8_00-ST-02 Wacko MariaxCarhartt WIP_i028229_0D9_00-ST-01 Wacko MariaxCarhartt WIP_i028229_0D9_00-ST-02 Wacko MariaxCarhartt WIP_i028239_0E1_03-ST-01 Wacko MariaxCarhartt WIP_i028240_0D6_90-ST-01 Wacko MariaxCarhartt WIP_I028247_0D9_00-ST-01 Wacko MariaxCarhartt WIP_I028247-_0D6_00-ST-01 Wacko MariaxCarhartt WIP_I028249_0D6_00-ST-01 Wacko MariaxCarhartt WIP_I028249_0D7_00-ST-01 Wacko MariaxCarhartt WIP_I028250_0D6_00-ST-01 Wacko MariaxCarhartt WIP_I028250_0D8_00-ST-01 Wacko MariaxCarhartt WIP_I028250_0D9_00-ST-01 Wacko MariaxCarhartt WIP_I0228247_0D8_00-ST-01 Wacko MariaxCarhartt WIP_I0278198_0D6_02-ST-01 Wacko MariaxCarhartt WIP_I0278198_0D8_02-ST-01 Wacko MariaxCarhartt WIP_I0278198_0D9_02-ST-01 Wacko Maria x Carhartt WIP_1 Wacko Maria x Carhartt WIP_2 Wacko Maria x Carhartt WIP_3 Wacko Maria x Carhartt WIP_4 Wacko Maria x Carhartt WIP_5 Wacko Maria x Carhartt WIP_6 Wacko Maria x Carhartt WIP_7 Wacko Maria x Carhartt WIP_8 Wacko Maria x Carhartt WIP_9

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