Fjerritslev, North Denmark


Fjerritslev, Jylland, North Denmark. ( a ca 3.5 hours drive from Copenhagen)

Skatepark is done by FSR Beton, please enjoy, go visit this small city & shred hard.

Nice overview



Skating in rain, is end of the day not that bad….


Nice HIP !! looks like a blaster, ( we hope everyone is okay in the city)


WE CAN NOT WAIT TO TRY THIS RAIL ! ( or see footage of this)


Overviewing the city and all the cars that are in the city. Thats it.


the rail is still there…waiting for you …


Nice 1/4 pipe action


looks fun, maybe we should camp there or go to school ?


Work is over. Stoked, check more on for great skateparks

Work is over, stoked, check more on for great skateparks. all pics is from Balder Lehman.



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