BOUNDARY is a club night which knows no boundaries.



BOUNDARY is a club night which knows no boundaries.
No theme. No Concept.

Creating a cultural platform for introducing the audience to a broader ranger of music played by a new wave of artist and DJ’s. The idea at BOUNDARY is to bring together people from all walks of life. We want to break all stereotypes, educate and learn from those on the dance floor.

The first edition of BOUNDARY will celebrate High Graid’s forthcoming 5 track EP on TRAX COUTURE entitled ‘Warrior EP’ which releases early February. The EP boast High Graid’s UK Funky and Hard Drum sounds with exciting percussions, hard hitting snares and catchy melodies. Also, featuring a dark and winterised remix of Millions by DJ JM.

Line-Up :

Rushmore (Trax Couture, UK)

DJ JM (Nervous Horizon, Even the Strong, Goon Club Allstars)

High Graid (Trax Couture, INDEXLIFE)

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