Waiting for the rains


Waiting For The Rains” is a short movie about Callum Paul, Trent Evans and  Jack O’Grady visiting the first skateboard facility of Bidyadanga. Read below what Izrayl Brinsdon has to say about it:

‘Waiting For The Rains was a project that ran over eight or so months. A small group raised funding to allow the completion of the first skateboarding facility in a remote indigenous community known as Bidyadanga. It’s situated to the far north of Western Australia: one of the driest parts of the country. Seven of us took the journey from Sydney to Perth, then boarded a connecting flight to Broome and finally drove 2 hours to the community.

Pass~Port’s Jack O’Grady, Callum Paul, Trent Evans put on a little demo for the kids accompanied by a BBQ lunch and an initiation session. The 4 days were documented by photographer Jake Mein, illustrator Marcus Dixon and film maker Izrayl Brinsdon. Their work can be found at the Pass~Port store and gallery, where it will be hanging until the end of September.

Words: Izrayl Brinsdon

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