Part #1 : 5 underrated, overlooked, forgotten or just-worth-watching-again videopart picks with Morten

I was really nerdy about collecting skatevideos back in the days. I bought pretty much every new DVD through several years. I was working in the industry and could get them for cheap. So i bought a lot. I still have them all in my apartment. I put the shitty ones in my storage room.
It’s nice to have the videos around ’cause you forget about them if you don’t own them. Just look at the recent internet videos. You already forgot about them right? I did.
I love to watch old shit. Gold from my era.. That’s what this is about. Picking out random little parts from videos and hopefully some of you will like it. Kring wants me to do this every week. Probably not gonna happen but let’s see. Maybe i’ll get carried away!

– Morten

Danny Renaud – I-Path Summer Promo (2005)
A big favorite of mine. Had the first part in MOSAIC which is amazing. He was into heavy drinking and apparently fell out of a tall building at a party. He was out of the game for years but then started skating again – not on the same level though. I remember him being on Politic a few years ago and he had some footage out. It was good to see. This i-Path promo from 2005 is one of my favorite short videos. Danny’s 1 minute is fucking fresh. 


Ross Norman – Last Of The Mohicans (2008)
I love this guy! I actually don’t know a lot about him but i think he’s from Nashville, Tennessee. Explains the Highway Men track.
Last Of The Mohicans is a great video. You should watch it if you have time.


Rich Adler – Traffic VIA (2006)
Rich Adler is east coast to the bone. The back lip at 0:25 is dope as fuck. The Traffic videos we’re so good – i have them all. People wanna skate like this now.


Van Wastell – Naugty (2008)
R.I.P. to this guy. He was fucking radical and random at the same time. Big ass hockey jerseys, wool cardigans, five-0 varial heelflip or cab bs tailslide bigspin. He could surprise you with everything. His Krooked Kronichles part is great too but this is just fun and vibes.


Andrew Allen – The 522 on the 411 (2007)
Always loved this guy. Especially in his DLX/Anti Hero days.

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