Galten skatepark, Denmark

Galten skatepark, 30 mins from Aarhus and 3 hours from Copenhagen, Denmark. Shown here is the signature round tranny in the middle of the park.


Left side of the park, curb cut on the platform, scooter kids hanging in the back.


Rails for you, Jonas Skrøder and Rasmus Sand jumped on this first try, feel free to go after it.


Rasmus Sand banana sidewalk, did you see our insta ? Rasmus killed the sidewalk walk. GREAT obstacle!! you can also use it from the tranny side…


Jonas skrøder testing the coping, can we grind over the loveseat ? of cause you can….


Some quick miniramp championships for you!!…can you transfere into the other side ? …of cause you can


great overview, bowl flow skills is wanted here


Starting here is a great spot, going into the tranny area


You love it, we love it. Harder to skate than it looks.  but attack it. 


How to roll in with Jonas skrøder 


Rail over the curb cut, Lodge CPH locals in the back, aka Morten Westh, Hugo, Rasmus Sand and Jonas


lot of space


kinda interesting concept


Rails and stairs and banks in the da back.   So there you have it, Galten skatepark, go and shred. There is a supermarked next to the park, so you can buy drinks and what not. 


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