A Trip to Terminalen skatepark

Terminalen skatepark


Vesterbro saturday morning 8 am departure – next stop Herning. We were going to check out the new indoor park “Terminalen”
First person we meet is Alan Guldborg. He tells us his been working every day last two months to finish the new Street Area. He is the main guy, the one who has made everything happen. The place is huge. PostNord used the buildings, but a local investor has bought the buildings so the city can have a culture center.

The course is clean, perfectly build and like classic street area. A prober contest area.
Next to the Street course is the local scooters going extreme on the Foam Pit and launch ramps.

Only thing missing is a bowl/Vert/minicamp for the tranny guys, but let’s see. The is room enough for everything.
Terminalen will be a place for all kinds of activities plus contes with up to 1500 people in the multihall next door.

Great great job here. Hands up for Alan and his crew.

Text and Story:  Thomas Madsen



looks like long crooks !!!



Coco cola and hotdogs !!



lots of space as we like !



place looks great and clean

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