Triangle skatepark Copenhagen

This skatepark, Triangle skatepark, is kinda hidden and far away in Copenhagen, but not really anyway if your on a bike. Location is on the water and in the middle of lots of streetfood options. Skatepark is a “street” skatepark with lot of funny options to skate. If your in car, it takes you 30 mins to go there from the city center, due to road farkery. So TAKE THE BIKE!!  your drinking drinks anyway. 


lodge options and some fireworks in the middle if your into that.


Yebba, kickflipper gap. You can do it.



Overview with a black ghost.


The hip to the right is a WINNER. Jonas Skøder claims this also. We agree, GOOD WORK BOYS!! the HIP FROM HEAVEN.


Streetfood is trendy now.


More Streetfood options


Stoked we saw Peter Stege and Danger + Danger jr.


We also Meet Jonas Skrøder and Jonas Skrøder Jr!! What a great day so far !!


Jonas want to know what tricks we made….


Skatepark is is great, good stuff, Street only, only down is if you more than 4-5 guys skating your in trouble, but figure it out your self. Snake the boys or not. Location is Refshalevej 167, Copenhagen. Denmark. See you there.


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