Roller Vertical Exploration Skatepark.

Roller Vertical Exploration Skatepark. Quebradillas, Puerto Rico

Almost full overview of the WONDERULL,  Roller Vertical Exploration Skatepark. Quebradillas, Puerto Rico. Are you into bowls, speed and flying ?  THIS IS YOUR PLACE.  This Paradise park is close to the water, SURF’s up BRO,  has the best skatepark view we have  ever seen, has dope locals and the park is just amazing & challenging,  concrete is fast and smooth.  This park is highly recommend.  ON top of the story, we understand that the location is a old pirate bay.  WE ARE IN LOVE with Roller Vertical Exploration Skatepark. Quebradillas, Puerto Rico.



Brian Schaefer signature, APPROVED! We are AGREE.


Thomas Kring Quebradillas, puerto rico 2019 Photo: Maria R de Leon aka Charo

Thomas Kring, Coming in with a frontside grinder in the deep end,  Quebradillas, Puerto rico 2019  Photo: Charo de Leon


Quebradillas, Puerto Rico

Other side and some street in the back, legends skating. Park is build and designed and directed by Stefan Hauser, from Placed to Ride Skateparks. He is from Oregon and Sweden (I think his family, Im not sure that fact). Stefan married a woman from Camuy, PR and they live in Quebradillas. DOPE. In the park construction also worked the creator of the original RVE DIY ramps in that location, Miguel Angel Ramos. Migue is actually living in Califormia, working with Woodward Skateparks. Also DOPE.



Thomas Kring, Frontside Smithgrind, Quebradillas, Puerto Rico. Photo: Brian Schaefer


MAP / Direction to the skatepark here: Roller Vertical Exploration Skatepark. Quebradillas, Puerto Rico




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  1. Baxter says:

    Dear Lodge,

    I’m writing an article on the most beautiful skateparks in the world for the Matador Network and the park you reviewed has made the list.

    I’d love to use the beautiful photo on your website of the smith grind on the extension. If that’s not possible, then any other high quality, horizontal photo that showcases this amazing park would be most appreciated.

    Thank you and best regards,
    Baxter Jackson

    P.S. If there is any specific info about the park that you’d like our readers to know about, I’d be happy to include it.

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