Ghostly International.



Carhartt WIP releases its latest RELEVANT PARTIES podcast
featuring Ghostly International.

Founded in 1999 in Ann Arbor, Michigan by Sam Valenti IV,
record label Ghostly International has since transcended its humble
beginnings – even if its founder still maintain a considerable degree of
modesty, describing himself as “just a fan.” Now located in New York

Ghostly is known for its multidisciplinary approach, encapsulating
a host of genres – Hip Hop, electro, Italo disco, IDM, Shoegaze, to
name a few – and an equally eclectic array of artists, including Matthew
Dear, Dabrye, School of Seven Bells, and Shigeto.

Following its eight guiding principles, such as, “Music and the
Arts as a place for people of all backgrounds and identities to thrive,”
and “Learning from, as well as challenging, the opportunities that
new tools provide,” the label is not simply limited to musical releases.
Art, books, and furniture all figure in the Ghostly universe – as does
clothing, with the label partnering with Carhartt WIP this season as
part of its RELEVANT PARTIES program.

As part of RELEVANT PARTIES, we’re spotlighting each of the
iconic independent record labels involved. This week is the turn of
Valenti IV’s brainchild, as he sits down with music journalist Chal
Ravens to discuss his label’s origins, its diverse mix of artists, and
what he envisions as the future of record labels.

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