Lodge Guest, Charo de Leon

Crash Boat Beach, Aguadilla, PR. pic: Ardiel Jimenez Perez



Where do you currently live and where are you from ?

I live in Camuy, PR and have lived here my entire life.

Tell us a little bit about your past ?

One of five siblings and raised by our mother, we grew up in front of the Atlantic Ocean. I have always loved like “extreme sports” so I started playing paddle ball, skimboarding, bodyboarding, skateboarding and track and field in school. Got pregnant at 17 and decided to get married, quit skating for a while but got back after my divorce. Now my daughter is 36 and she is my best buddy! After having several jobs, and going to college, now Im doing the least necessary. and skateboarding!

Why skateboarding ? How did it start for you ?

My brother brought the first skateboard to the house when I was about 11. I used to see the surfers skateboarding on the sidewalk right in front of our house. It was love at first sight! My first competition was a race like 30 meters long at the town square during a holiday event. And short after that I got my first real skateboard, Logan Earthski

What size set up, wheels & trucks do you currently ride ?

Im old school so I prefer a little wider decks, 8.75.

Do you have any setup rituals, we need to know about ?

Skate when you feel like it..

What kind of skateboarding do you prefer ?

old school, bowls, slalom, but dream on flying over a few steps..

Do you have a great skate spot in your home town you can recommend ?

RVE Skatepark, Bo. San Jose, Quebradillas, PR

Who is your favorite skateboarders, under and over 30 ?

My friends used to call me Ellen Oneill back in late 70s. I still do the daffy. There are so many girls shredding today, its hard to name. Love Sky Brown. But more realistic goals are a fb friend Shelby Reed, she has improved so much so fast. And a hommie I love to see her skate, Melanie Ramos, a Panamerican competitor!

School, work, not working or other occupation ?

Airbnb host at my home, Camuy, PR


RVE Skatepark, Quebradillas, PR. pic by a hommie


Any big plans for 2019 ?

learn new tricks, have a lot to learn. buy ocean front land and build a house.

Who are you hanging out with at the moment ?

I hang out the most with my daughter

Who and what is your motivation at the moment ?

myself. better health, improve my skateboarding and other physical activities

Last country you visited ? and what happened there ?

Colorado, USA. Loved the wide streets, parking lots and bike paths along the rivers and mountains to skate. Also visited the New Mexico, USA, ditches, a dream!

What was the last item you bought ?

a book

What do you do besides skateboarding, do you have other hobbies, other interests ?

surfing, bicycle, paddleball, home decor

What is your to go to restaurant, you wanna share ?

El almendro, downtown Camuy, PR, best tapas and margaritas!

When you cook food, what do you cook ?

I dont like cooking. Wish I loved it as much as I like to clean my house.

How do you see the future of skateboarding ?

will never die!

Do you ever think about a future with no skateboarding ?

Oh, no, please..

Last words, thank yous, other, did we miss anything ?

Thanks a lot! to the Shredders Lodge for visiting our RVE Skatepark in Quebradillas, PR and showing it to the world. Hope you visit again soon!


RVE Skatepark, Quebradillas, PR. Thanks to Jomari for the pic.

RVE Skatepark, Quebradillas, PR. Thanks to Jomari for the pic.


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