Brocato’s sandwich shop review

Brocato’s Sandwich shop, This is a OG Sandwich shop in Tampa, Florida, USA. a few blocks from Skatepark of Tampa. Has been around for ages and there is a reason why. In case you have missed this, you are blowing it.


5 bucks, footlong breakfast sandwich as we like.



Yebba, when you walk in, there is most likely a line…so come early ? or you just need more time when you are there. Because you ARE going….


This is where you pick up…also line


Yellow Rice and Beans. Devil Crab on the side ( not pictured) aaa so nice, you sit outside.


Fries are awesome as well.


Menus and Party platters !

Menus and Party platters, Here is the menu. Go visit. A must when you skate skatepark of tampa. In case you are vegan. Yellow Rice n Black Beans are soo good. See you there !!


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