Carhartt WIP X O3EPO

Press release:

Carhartt WIP is proud to present O3EPO, a project that takes you from the towering skyscrapers of Moscow to the idyllic Lake Baikal in southern Siberia.

Over a three week period in 2016, the crew – which consisted of skaters from both Carhartt WIP and Russian brand Absurd Skateboards – journeyed over 6000 km, exploring the vibrant cities, vast countryside and burgeoning skate scenes of the world’s largest country. O3EPO, which translates to ‘lake’ in Russian, features Carhartt WIP skaters Igor Fardin, Felipe Bartolomé and Joseph Biais, alongside Absurd’s Tolia Titaev and Gosha Konyshev.

Packed into two small cars, the assembled team made it through five time zones, one hundred different skate spots and multiple bottles of local vodka. The gruelling journey was captured by videographer Anton Beliaev and photographer Alexey Lapin, with the assistance of Kirill Korobkov.

The resulting O3EPO film will be premiered this summer at Bright in Berlin and Faces & Laces in Moscow, with more showings to follow in other cities. This will be accompanied by a zine showcasing photography from the trip by Alexey Lapin and Felipe Bartolomé, available for free in Carhartt WIP stores.

O3EPO will also see a range of products released, including two boards by Absurd Skateboards.

Pics from the tour, products and images from the zine in one cocktail  will be released September 14 2017, products can be found in  from 14 September.

Full video will come out in OCT 2017

Please check below  the trailer  !!




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