Lodge Guest, Otto Gabriel Timoleon

Fs 50 in the dusty oververt., Photo: Eken Eriksson

Where do you currently live and where are you from ?

I live in Malmö right now and grew up here in Sweden but have heritage from Estonia on my dads side.


Why skateboarding ? How did it start for you ?

When I was around 8 years old all the guys in school started to skate and I got to try their boards and in 4 tries I learned to drop in. However there wasn´t really any asphalt around the farm so I didn´t really skate untill the end of 2013 that I got serious, when they built a little concrete park where I lived.

What size set up, wheels & trucks do you currently ride ?

I ride a 8.75 (shaped) board, 55 ACE trucks and 55 or 54mm OJ wheels, Jessup grip and whatever hardware I can find.

Do you have any setup rituals, we need to know about ?

Well you got to cleanse the new setup from bad spirits

Any sponsors ?

At the moment the only official is Streetlab, our local shop in Malmö.

What kind of skateboarding do you prefer ?

The one where you stand on your board, no posers haha no but bowl skating every day of the week!

Do you have a great skate spot in your home town you can recommend ?

All the bowl parks here are good

Tell us a little bit about your past ?

I grew up on a farm far far away from the city, loved growing up there. Then when I was 12 we moved to the suburbs between Malmö and Lund.

Who is your favorite skateboarders, under and over 30 ?

Daniel Vargas, Pedro Barros, Neil blender, Chris Miller and Lance Mountain are just a few of them.

School, work, not working or other occupation ?

I work at Lunds university hospital.


Back D. Photo: Eken Eriksson

How is a normal day looking for you ?

 I wake up, put on some music in the speakers in the kitchen and make breakfast, usually a smoothie, some eggs and yoghurt with fruit, oats and nuts . Watch some TV series before I head out to the skatepark or work. When I get home I make dinner and eat it in front of the TV.

Tell us how a good long great weekend should look for you

A great weekend includes good food, skatesessions with the homies, maybe learning new tricks and watching movies.


Fakie Thruster, Photo: Eken Eriksson


Any big plans for 2019 ?

I might be working on something, but in general I am just going to try to skate…maybe go to contests who knows?

Who are you hanging out with at the moment ?

Just whoever is at the park

Who and what is your motivation at the moment ?

I wouldn´t say that I really have any motivation right now! Just trying to live life, get through the day and spread positivity.

Last country you visited ? and what happened there ?

The last country I visited was Portugal I think? I joined my family there for vacation since I don´t see them that much these days.

What was the last gnarly thing you witnessed ?

I see alot of messed up things at work, but in skateboarding I´d have to say it was when a kid at the park snaped his Achilles tendon on his razortail when he bailed a trick. The pop sound that it made was so loud.

What was the last item you bought ?

The last item I bought, exept for food, was probably a couple of pleated pants.

What do you do besides skateboarding, do you have other hobbies, other interests ?

I just watch alot of films and listen to music, but I like art, fashion and sewing so I try to stay updated on that as well.

What is your to go to restaurant, you wanna share ?

I dont really go to restaurants, but if I have to choose a place I´d have to say Thai Wok at Malmö Central station. I prefer to cook myself tho.

When you cook food, what do you cook ?

Anything really, but I like to make chicken with potato wedges and some crèam fraiche mixed with feta cheese, pepper and paprika.

Whats your top 3 favorite drinks ?

Milk, Tea and Juice

How do you see the future of skateboarding ?

Growing, and without those kickbikes.

Who do we need to interview on the lodge ?

I´m not sure…. if you haven´t already then you should interview Mira Axelsson! I love seeing the expansion of skateboarding and more and more girls are getting into it, plus she is one to look out for in the future.

Do you ever think about a future with no skateboarding ?

The day I stop skating is the day I die.

Last words, thank yous, other, did we miss anything ?

Stay healthy and s/o Sk8boarding!

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