Lodge Guest, Shania O’Sullivan

Photographer : Iain Borden


Where do you currently live and where are you from ?

I live on the out skirts of East London in Aveley Essex

Tell us a little bit about your past ?

I have been skateboarding for 2 and half years

Why skateboarding ? How did it start for you ?

I have always thought skateboarding looked really cool and then my dad took my brother to the skatepark he went too as a kid and my dad brought my brother a bike and he started riding there a lot and I care one evening and I met with the local skateboarder and there convinced me to learn how to skateboard ans I have done everyday for about 2 and half years now

What size set up, wheels & trucks do you currently ride ?

I have Nora Vasconcellous 8.6 Welcome skateboard deck and Nora’s Krux trucks , Bronson raw bearings and spitfire formula four classics 58mm and nora’s MOB grip tape

Do you have any setup rituals, we need to know about ?

I always do cut my griptape up and design it in patterns and Iliek to pick colourful griptape

Any sponsors ?

Three amigos skateshop and Romford skatepark

What kind of skateboarding do you prefer ?

I personally like transition

Do you have a skate spot in your home town you can recommend ?

Romford skatepark and Harold Hill

Who is your favorite skateboarders ?

Nora Vasconcellous , Mickey O’Sullivan and Pedro Barros and Lara sky bannyai , Nicole hause and many more skaters

School, work, not working or other occupation ?

I’m currently studying at Palmer’s college

How is a normal day looking for you ?

 From the morning I get up and eat breakfast and then get my bag ready for all my pads in and my helmets and make some food for the day and then I hit up a skatepark depending on the weather

Tell us how a good long weekend is looking for you

Probably going too skate a pool or some vert at XC skatepark or even Crystal Palace and then maybe hitting up a mini ramp or a nice bowl with a hip so that I can practice more airs and other tricks

Any new projects or missions 2018, you wanna talk about ?

Well this year was the year that I got my first sponsor which was the three amigos skateshop and then a few months after my local skateshop sponsored me too and it’s been a crazy year ! Fortunate too have learnt a lot of tricks that I’m really proud of such as learning how to drop into vert , learning frontside carve grinds in pool and even starting to learn frontside airs

What are you planing for this Fall and winter 2018-19 ?

I want too learn more laybacks and backside airs more frontside grinds , even want too learn how to kick flip too

Who are you hanging out with at the moment ?

I normally skate with my brother and my dad but I have been skating with a lot of different people such as ; Lara sky bannyai , Anita , Amanda , Stefani nurding and many more rad skateboarder

Who and what is your motivation at the moment ?

Clay kriener and Nora Vasconcellous

Last country you visited ? and what happened there ?

I was fournate enough to have stayed in my friend Lara’s villa in Spain and we went to beaches and we got up a really cool skatepark called Lanucia skatepark

What was the last gnarly thing you witnessed ?

In the summer I went to see the sls Street league women’s competition and I see Monica Torries do a frontside boardslides on a huge raw and she did a kickflip off

What was the last item you bought ?

The last item I bought was the new women’s Nike skateboarding shoes

What do you do besides skateboarding, do you have other hobbies, other interests ?

I like cooking and I also really enjoy taking photos and I like making edits and stuff in my spare time

What is your to go to restaurant, you wanna share ?

I strongly recommend Ed’s dinner

When you cook food, what do you cook ?

Pasta normally or even curry

Whats your top 3 favorite drinks ?

Water , ice tea and milk

How do you see the future of skateboarding ?

I feel as if skateboarding will become more popular and more in the next few years and I feel as if it will be on a higher international scale and I feel as if there will be more people will compete in skateboarding

Who do we need to interview on the lodge ?

George Mason

Do you ever think about a future with no skateboarding ?

Not skateboarding doesn’t even come too mind

Last words, did we miss anything ?


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