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Photo: Gabby.


Where do you currently live and where are you from ?

I\’m living in Marseille, south of France.

Tell us a little bit about your past ?

I moved there 12 years ago to study art in the Academy of Art. Then I skated a bowl for the first time.

Why skateboarding ? How did it start for you ?

I was snowboarding as a littl kid. At the age of 13 I was obssesed about tryin to skateboard. We werent more than 2 girls skating in my hometown at that time.

What size set up, wheels & trucks do you currently ride ?

8.75 Cruzade board , 60mm creature wheels, 159 indy trucks

Any sponsors ?

Cruzades skatebaord, Savate skate socks, Vans, Bud Skate shop, Unnemployed Griptape

Who is your favorite skateboarders ?

Sam beckett ! But also all my friends are my favs skateboarders !! Sox is pretty unic. And Shenea Collins is ripping !

School, work, not working or other occupation ?

I started Tattoo 3 years ago. I share a tattoo/art studio in an old Covent. Wish is funny because What I create is very blasphematory and some gnarly sexy demon women! I spend my time there when I’m not skating. I do visuals and graphism and tattoo and paintings. Basically, I try to mixt both of my passions, art and skate. And I ended-up design some board for Cruzades and some others stuff


Back-lip. In a ditch in Ocean-side. Shot by Sam Beckett


How is a normal day looking for you ? ( start from morning til late night)

On a Skate day : coffee, breakfast, skate, swim, skate, bbq, beers and wine with Sam and friends listening music. On a Work day : coffee, go to the studio and draw, tattoo, wair glasses and be a neard ; and then, red wine and cheese with Sam obviously !

Tell us how a good long weekend is looking for you

Skate, nature, live music, bbq and a good red wine, sunset and getting wasted with Sam ! hahah



5-0 Barrefoot. Shot by La Skate Boutique in Malmö.

5-0 Barrefoot. Shot by La Skate Boutique in Malmö.

How is your summer coming along ?

I skate some competitions. I went to Scandinavia to skate with 30 girls from Finland. We went to the Hellride and the CPH Pro, both were so siiick !! Went to La Kantera to skate the pool. I m gonna go back on tattoo and paintings now.

Any new projects or missions 2018, you wanna talk about ?

Gonna skate the Red Bull Bowl Rippers in sept. Maybe go to Malmö. And maybe go to USA after.

Who are you hanging out with at the moment ?

… Sam ! And all my crew from Marseille !!

Who and what is your motivation at the moment ?

Creation, enjoying life as much as I can. Love and be loved

Last country you visited ? and what happened there ?

Danemark, CPH PRO feat 20th anniversary of Wonderland !!!!

What was the last gnarly thing you witnessed ?

The 40 steps-rail session in Copenhagen

What was the last item you bought ?

A very good tattoo machine !

What do you do besides skateboarding, do you have other hobbies, other interests ?

Drug business

What is your to go to restaurant, you wanna share ?

NOT Mc Donald

When you cook food, what do you cook ?

Tumeric !

Whats your top 3 favorite drinks ?

Red wine, Gin to, sparkling water

How do you see the future of skateboarding ?

Hopefully we\’ll keep it fun !!

Who do we need to interview on the lodge ?

You should definitely interview Lisa Jacob

Wanna share a spicy story ?

When I was in India for the Girl Skate Tour, a little boy asked me if I was….

Last words, did we miss anything ?

If you smile to someone, he might smile back to you.

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5-0 at Wonderland. Shot by Bryce Kanights

5-0 at Wonderland. Shot by Bryce Kanights

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