2018 comeback PLAN

Michael Andersen, Aka Føllet. Over 40, stilli skateboading, 2 kids, house and full time creative job, STILL shredding and going for it.

Michael Andersen, Aka Føllet. Over 40, still skateboarding, 2 kids, house and full time creative job, STILL shredding and going for it, yes this IS a make. Photo: Thomas Kring

Here is the some suggestions to get started.

Spring is here any day now.  So here is the comeback plan for the older skateboarders, that use to skate, wants to make a comeback and shred hard…  but can not because of work duty, kids, family, too tired, fat, burned out and the kickflip is not what it used to be, and bla bla bla bla…Here is the some suggestions to get started.

1. Make a Plan..

Start with a realistic understanding of what you can and cannot do with your time. Estimat the amount of the time you have available each day, week, and weekend. create your long term skateboarding plan. 1 time a week, 2 times every weekend and so so.

2. Tell your WIFE, kids, friends, girlfriend

Tell your wife, friends and kids you are planing to spend time on the board again on a weekly basis, it is shred time. They will be stoked and support you.

3. Your Condition

Maybe look at your self, are you in the shape  ? Maybe you need to do workout on the side ?  After the age of 25-30, muscle density begins to decline. Yes you are loosing muscles, the POP is going away, it sucks. But DEAL with IT, face it,  and work with it ! Remember, simple strength exercises can be performed at home, without a time sucking trip to the gym, or taking time away from the board.

4. Cut the bullshit

If you can’t fit in your 1-2 hours sessions with the old gang and “old boys” session  ( your are not going to last that long in the begining anyways), then make it a 30 minute session,  don’t skip a session just because you can’t skate the 2 hours session with your homies.  A 30 minute session can be gold.

5.  When your schedule is hectic

Even the best planning can fall apart when life is made up of so many independent variables. Rearrange your schedule and do it another day.  You need to be consistant, and shred as much at you can, it will come back quicker than you think, but only if you put your efforts into it. We trust you can do it.

6.  Have fun

Make a plan, simplify, be realistic and get out there and chase your skateboarding goals, we want to see you on the board in 2017  !! Remember how fun it is ? WELCOME BACK, TIME IT NOW.


Anton Juul still shreds hard, keeping it real, well over the 40s….

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