Jonas Skrøder’s 2016 & 2017 Highlights

Power team, Jonas Skrøder, Burgeren, Hjalte. Photo: Thomas Kring

Power team, Jonas Skrøder, Burgeren, Hjalte. Photo: Thomas Kring

Jonas Skrøder’s 2016 & 2017 Highlights  

 Random things that you want to HIGHLIGHT & WHY for 2016


3 clips that gets me hyped to go skate



These parts and promo got it all without being to creative. Flow, fun, style, speed, long grinds, high airs, tech-gnarc combos, endless lines and so on. It gives me energi to go skate


FSR Beton (Givin back to the industry)

It’s a crew of friends that professionally builds skateparks. This year they been making skatepark at Fyn and in Jylland. One of the parks this year was “Lessøegade Skole” in Århus which I think is one of the sickest parks in Denmark.
Besides that they’ve been taking time off their schedule to do the DIY spot “Under the Bridge”.

  “My own comeback”. I started skating again the 2. Of January 2016 after a knee surgery. So I’ve been pretty stoked on getting back on board, tryin to film and takin photos, startin travelling a bit and I did a little part with hjalte. Im stoked



4 “The Big Trip in Rune’s Whip”

This summer me, Rune Glifberg, Sam Becket and Arto Saari, Kris Tait and James Messina went from Copenhagen all the way down through the Alps to Bologna (Italy). We got to skate Berlin, Cologne and Innsbruck and at the same time skate the sickest mountain sides downhills on one of “top 10 driving Roads”. We ate the best local Italian pasta, the local Wiener Schnitzels of Austria and a ton of GasStation food. We camped at a lake in 1200m height and we drove 9000 km in 9 days. That means we had a lot of chattin time in the car, so it was absolutely amazin to get to know Arto Saari (shotgun), one of the childhood favourite skateboarders next to another one of them Rune(driver). Thanks Rune for bringin me <3 and thanks Sam for being the best company! Lets do it 2017 !!!!!!(Video comes out soon) ripping instagram


Please name 5 things that you want to DO and HIGHLIGHT for 2017 and why

1  Shredderslodge X Sidewalk USA Tour. EPIC TIMES – GOOD FOOD – GOOD PEOPLE – GOOD SKATING.

Me graduating as diplom engineer. No more school. Real money on my bank account.

Hopefully “Another Trip in Rune’s New Whip” ???????? LETS DO IT!!!

Parts from Hugo Boserup and Ville Wester. Lil bitch <3

5: ##’/..+++s><,”## Top secret, cant tell ….

News years resolutions ?

Be more healthy, cook more food and stop eating out everyday

Anything else ?

Happy Christmas and Merry new year. Thanks to the Lodge!!  j.skrods in the mix mix mix

Seat belt Smith grind, Photo: Thomas Kring

Jonas Skrøder, Seat belt Smith grind, Photo: Thomas Kring



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