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Saint Denis is the latest skate documentary by Carhartt WIP, featuring team rider Denis Lynn. Clock- ing in at 43 minutes, it explores the world of Denis, his humble origins and his jaunts around Europe, seeing him skate spots in Paris, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Malmo. The film is shot and directed by Phil Evans, a regular Carhartt WIP collaborator, who has worked with the brand on previous projects such as “Format Perspective” and “The Panoramic Series”. 

Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Denis first picked up a board at the age of five. By his teenage years, he had garnered a reputation as a talented skater and consummate piss-taker. However, as Evans cap-tures throughout this film, his city still bares the scars of years of sectarian division, which has long stunted the growth of Belfast’s skate scene.

For Denis, skate- boarding not only became his purpose, but also a tool for transcending these surroundings, allowing him to travel the world and throw him-self into all manner of unusual situations. 

Saint Denis is a testament to Denis’s own resolve and evolution as a skater. It includes archive material, interviews with Denis as well as friends and family, and a host of original, unseen skate foota

The Premiere Screenings will take place.
  • London (15.03),
  • Paris (28.03),
  • Helsinki (29.03)
  • Copenhagen (06.04).
Please enjoy the TRAILER BELOW  ! 

Denis4_Karvonen Denis3_Karvonen Denis1_Karvonen


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  1. otto says:

    Dan, that is a very tough question. I started following Felix back in 2014 when he started to make waves. I started to pay closer attention to Denis a couple years ago, when he did well in several Futures, so until recently I was more familiar with Felix”s game. I would have said he had the higher ceiling, but given what Denis has done, starting at Queens last year, am not so sure. Denis certainly predicts big things for Felix, but presumably does not expect his friend to actually surpass him. I guess the next couple years will give us a better idea they are both so young and both so talented and ambitious. custom writings

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