Lodge Guest, Hugo Boserup

Hugo nosesliding the Frederiksberg City Hall handrail. Yes – Hugo is in the streets as well. PHOTO: Morten Westh

Hugo hotel chilling. Photo: Morten Westh

Name: Hugo Boserup

Current: job / school:
Working for FSR beton

Where are you from?
Copenhagen, Denmark

Where do you currently live?
Copenhagen, Denmark

Kids / family status:

Age: 17

Sponsors: Chocolate, Lakai, Sidewalk, Fourstar

Board size: 8.5

Wheel size: 56-54 MM


FSR Boys. Hugo and Peter Stege

FSR Boys. Hugo and Peter Stege

When I chill, I chill with.
“Dansk vand”  Crew and FSR Crew

Im have been on a mission lately in
In Barcelona skating right now.

Lately i have been working on
Been working, building skateparks.

When I was little I would like to…
Skate, or hang out with my friends

When im home I like to.
Skate, or hang out with my friends.

I normally call my homies for.
For skating, eating a pizza or going out.

I enjoy to go to
Hullet and Hippet  ( 2 skate CPH skatespots)

Favorite drink is
What Stege brings me haha

To go to restaurant is
King of kebab, the guys who work there are too funny.

Street style

Street style

Favorite skateboarders
Grant Taylor, Julien Stranger, Alex Olson.

Favorite skatepark

Favorite spot
Dont know. Dont have a favourite.

When I do not skateboard I.
Lay in my bed.

When I get old I want to
Play music maybe, i dont know.

I would like to see more of
The sun.

My future looks like
Working for FSR and maybe going back to school.

I dream of
Dream of traveling with my friends.

Anything else? & Thanks :
Thanks TK. You rule!!


Slob plant in Herning (2014) Photo: Morten Westh

Slob plant in Herning (2014) Photo: Morten Westh


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