Lodge Master, Renton Millar


Pic By Jeremy Rowling

One foot plant. Pic: Jeremy Rowling


What is your name ?

Renton Millar

Where do you live and where are you from ?

Melbourne, Australia

What size set up do you currently ride ?

8.5 Almost Board, Indy 146, Modus Bearings, Bones 54mm for Street, 58mm for vert

Any sponsors ?

Globe, TSG, Independent, Bones, Dwindle, Modus, Oakley

Family status ?

Lovely Wife, Son Max, Daughter Bonnie, Golden Retriever Saffy

School, work, not working or ?

I run Skateboard contests around Australia. Its rad fun. I get to work at all the best skateparks and watch the best skaters shred.


Pic By Angus Muir

Pic By Angus Muir


How is a great normal day looking for you ?

Wake up, Get the kids ready to go to school, Do some work, Go Skate. Hang with family, Eat Dinner, Maybe hit the gym. Go to sleep.

Tell us how a good long weekend is looking for you

Choose some great skateparks and go skate them, but chances are I will be working and watching great skateboarders skate great bowls or skateparks.


Pic by Noel Forsyth

Pic by Noel Forsyth


How was your year 2017 ?

It was great. Lots of hard work, but lots of skating also. Also a lot of snowboarding during the winter. Melbourne is a great place year round. A lot of rad skateparks to keep me entertained. I also got to travel all around to Australia to run my contests, The King Of Concrete,

Any new projects you got going you wanna talk about ?

My family got a new dog, a golden retriever puppy. That is a pretty rad project.

Do you read books ? if so, what do you read ?

I haven’t had time lately.

Who are you hanging out with at the moment ?

A lot of time with the kids and the family, also with the skaters that go to my contests. Watching the young skaters progress is pretty rad. A couple of them learnt 540s on the weekend in a bowl, that was pretty sick to see them learn that trick on concrete.

Tell us about the great crew you are bringing to the session next time…

Lately I have been working every weekend so I rock to the skatepark by myself a lot during the week. On the weekend I skated with Dylan Donnini,. Ethan Copeland, Jedd McKenzie, and a bunch of other young skaters that are really good.

Who and what is your motivation at the moment ?

My motivation is just to have fun skating, but that means to push myself in some way. When you get older it seems like you dont progress, so either trying to progress or just do old stuff I haven’t done for a while. I also try and skate as much different stuff as I can. I like skating street, bowls, vert, whatever, its all fun.

What are you planing for 2018 ?

I want to start doing tricks again, I cruised for ages and I am getting back Into doing more difficult stuff like flipping my board like I used to when I was younger. But I will probably be doing a lot of work and travel again in 2018.

What else is going on ?

My work is good. I was very passionate about going to skateboard contests for 15 years when I was a pro, and now I run competitions. It allows me to continue feeling the good vibes of skating with a lot of people in rad spots. Its rad to have a job that is based around your passion. It makes it easier to get up each morning and work, or just work a bit harder. I like announcing events its fun. Im also working with the organisational side of skateboarding dealing with the office stuff and government offices and stuff. That is so different to skateboarding and can be a pain in the bum sometimes, but I do it anyway.

What do you do besides skateboarding ?

A lot of work because I have my own business. Snowboarding in the winter, surfing in the summer. I am trying to take my kids skating a lot to get them into it. My son Max has just had a few good skates.

What is your to go to resturants ?

My mate Shannon Bennett has a mad restaurant called Vue Du Monde. I ate there the other day and it was amazing. Also there is a pizza place near me called Las Volte that is wicked.

Whats your top 3 favorite meals ?

Spaghetti Bolognaise, Bircher Muesli, and anything my wife makes.

Whats your top 3 favorite drinks ?

Black Coffee, Soda Water

How do you see the future of skateboarding ?

Future of skating is great. Its whatever you want it to be. It seems to be growing which means more parks and more opportunities.

Do you you have other hobbys besides skateboarding ?

Surfing, Snowboarding, Guitar

Who do we need to interview on the lodge ?

Daniel Gezmer.


pic by Transition Photography

pic by Transition Photography



Tell us a slippery story.

When I was in Turkey a guy came up to me on the street and said “I bet you are Australian”, he then took me to his carpet dealership filled me full of me raspberry tea and tried to get me to go into business with him importing carpet into Australia.


Pic By Jeremy Rowling

Pic By Jeremy Rowling


THANK YOU ? Thanks to all my friends, family, sponsors and anyone who has helped me. Also a big hello to all my European friends I haven’t seen for a while. I gotta get back and shred with them!


Last words ? Live Fast, Die Old.

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