Monday Lodger, Fredrik Benhög Nilsson

Benhoj, Foto: david østlund

Benhog, Malmø  Foto: David östlund

Name: Fredrik Benhög Nilsson

Current: job / school: Streetlab Skateshop

Where are you from? Staffanstorp, 10 minutes outside of Malmö

Where do you currently live? Malmö

Kids / family status: The lady and my son Ruben and daughter Emma

Age: 40

Sponsors: Friends and my mom

Board size: 8,25

Wheel size: 53mm

Trucks: Thunder  147mm

I change set up every: Second month, don´t pop the board any more so it does not break 

When I chill, I chill with.

I don´t chill 

Im have been on a mission lately in ( with)

Not lately but planing on going to visit all skateparks in Skåne this summer with my son and friends 

Lately i have been working on.

My business to grow, learning FS air in vert again and my bad temper


When I was little

I would like to have concert with KIZZ on the roof of my garage  

When im home I like to.

Cook food and sleep 

Normaly call my homies for.

Beer and to borrow their car

Your homies are

many and different

I enjoy to go to

the beach in Malmö, it´s dirty but it´s my beach

Favorite drink is

Red wine and sparkling wather 

Favorite food is

Right now its Vietnamese food

When I cook

I cook Italian and Swedish husmans kost 

I listen to

The Water Boys 

To go to resturant,

Is amazing if I go to Kin Long in Malmö 

Favorit skateboarders

The Plan B crew from the early 90s

Favorite skatepark

Bryggeriet and Sibbarp

Favorit spot

Where ever there is an outdoor miniramp and friends to skate with 

TOP 3 citys

Love NY and London but I have to say Copenhagen, Berlin and of course Malmö.

When I do not skateboard I.

Try to spend as much time as possible with the family. But of course also get drunk and non-stop-talking

My fitness program is

Tabata and running

When I get old,

I want to still skate and live where it is warm

I would like to see more of

The world and Jmags vertskating

That one time where I was in jail because of

Don´t go to jail, don´t like it

I should do more of

Bs tailslides and less blunts

My future looks like

I will be poor but happy

I dream of

Endless skateing, being rich and happy hahaha

The book I currently read is

A shame to say I don’t read books

I currently follow ( sociale media)

@labucha Diego Bucchieri 

Anything else & thanks,

I lost the love for skateboard for a while but it sucked me right back, what can I say, I´m an addict!

We all know that the thank-you-list will be to long but I say thank you to all of you that helped me trough rough and tough, family, friends, employes and skaters. Biggest thank you goes to all loyal costumers to Streetlab, the shop would be nothing without you!!  Thanks Thomas for being you and for giving me this opportunity, you da man!!

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