Streetmasters Results 2017

Thomas Stefoni & Anton Juul in the house !!



Frederik Tanghøj did a damn good job as usual. Thank you !



Michael jensen, DKs OG blunt master, still got it.


Bønk was very surprised to see Butch drink a soda….


The Bar, The Cafe, The judges, the crew, the gang, the homies, the friends… kinda blurry after a few hours…


Anders Jørgensen with a new knee on the way…His is SOOO ready for streetmasters 2018


Final RESULTS Streetmasters 2017 Scores

  1. Troels Jørgensen, 80.28
  2. Kim Stær 80.05
  3. Henrik Bønk Linden 74.72
  4. Michael Jensen 72.78
  5. Anton Juul 71.32
  6. Misha Gundmund 70.03
  7. Rasmus Nuga 64.76
  8. Thomas Kring 64.64
  9. Ronnie Kjærside 58.96
  10. Søren Enevoldensen 55.92




Thanks to everyone, thanks to all the streetmasters and sponsors and everyone that worked for this. GREAT EVENT !!! 


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