Morten Westh Q&A’s

Morten Westh to the right, Balder Lehman to the left.

Morten Westh to the right, Balder Lehman to the left.

Hey Morten, How are you doing ?

Great thanks. Hanging in there… was a the FSR christmas lunch yesterday. Ouch.

So your Film SWXSLTOUR2017 just came out ?

Yes – about damn time 🙂

How long did it take to put together ?

6 months i guess. But i didn’t start with it immediately when we came back. But i kind of left the project and went back a couple of times. Had a productive week 2 months ago where i thought i would finish it. But there was so much footage so i needed a break.

It seem very well produced, are you satisfied with your job ?

It’s a pretty ghetto production with footage from many random smartphones. But i’m satisfied with the final clip. I’ve spend a lot of time editing it and adjusting things. I tried to get the most out of what i had. All this random footage filmed in different framerates, saved Snapchat/Instagram videos in different sizes and so on. But i like those clips because it adds to the vibe – making it more personal. Also i wanted to use songs that we heard in the car when driving.. Most of the songs are from Stege’s hit list. No snobbery – just hits.

Any thing in the film YOU wanna highlight ?

I love the slideshow. I made it really cheesy and lame on purpose – but i works good for me. I realized how good a trip it was when i saw all those photos.

How was the USA TRIP with such a big crew ?

Great! The official Lodge x Sidewalk trip was the first week – then half the crew left – we picked up Redz and then drove north and went on for another two weeks. The big crew worked out fine – i took some detours alone once in a while to go look for records.

Are you planning any more films in the future  ?

Probably try and get the footage out from our other tours. Had a plan of making a long Lodge video but it’s not happening i guess. I think i’ll just stick with tour clips and smaller projects.

Are you planning a SWXSLTOUR2018 tour ?

Would be so fun – but i wanna go somewhere else and explore new states, cities, countries. But i’m not sure if i can afford a skate tour of that caliber  in 2018. I could just take a week of course. But if it’s far away i want more time than a week.



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