Lodge Guest, Edouard “Frenchi” Damestoy


photo: Teddy Morellec


What is your name ? Edouard “Frenchi” Damestoy

Where do you live and where are you from ? I live in Bordeaux, South west of France.

What size set up do you currenltly ride ? Moonshine 8″375, Indy 149 Hollow, Vibronic 58mm, Swiss Bones

Any sponsors ? Truc De Fou, Vibronic Hemp Wheels, ProTec, Moonshine.

Family status ? Single !

School, work or both ? I Stoped school for the moment. I’m playing in a French TV serie. So I’m king of an actor here….

How is a great normal day looking for you ? ( start from morning til late night) Wake up, eating, calling friends, going to skate somewhere. Then eating with them for diner. And we go party… We like to party ! Good party in France !

Tell us how a good long weekend is looking for you Little bit the same as a normal day, we just party more, with more friends. Parties are always better on Weekend.


Egg OTC – Mika Lofgren


How is your fall coming along and how has it been so far ? Taking time to spend time with my family and the homies.

Any projects you got going you wanna talk about ? Not really. just keep doing what i like to do… we will see whats going to happen !

Do you read books ? if so, what do you read ? last time i read a book was in high school …. french litterature for sure… boring ahahaha

Who are you hanging out with at the moment ? The homies ! I’m not hanging out a lot with skateboarder friends, expect when I’m travelling for contest ! Went to brazzzzil 2 weeks ago, and going back there next week ! I fucking love Brazil. Huge thanks to Rony Gomes and Léo Ruiz for getting my back there !

Tell us about the great crew you are bringing to the session next time… Very cold here in France, so maybe my next session will be in Sao Paulo, Brazil. So, I will call Rony, Léo, Italo and other locals riders.

Who and what is your motivation at the moment ? skateboard make me traveling a lot, meeting new persons, new cultures and this is what i like. so that’s my motivation

How do you think your future will look like ? I have absolutely no idea

What is your to go to resturants ? Mommy ? I love how my mother cook. Way better than a restaurant !

Whats your top 3 favorite meals ? Brazilian food, piece of beef with french fries, pizza !

Whats your top 3 favorite drinks ? Juice ! Orange – orange/banana – Watermelon

How do you see the future of skateboarding ? Good ! hope so …

Do you you have other hobbys besides skateboarding ? I started Muay Thai Boxe, 5 month ago. i like it ! I’m surfing a lot too !

Last Question…what you got ? A bad English ?


Brazil my friend ! Don’t need to tell something… the picture speaks for itself

Thank you to ? My sponsors, my family and my friends !

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