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IMG_8733 stockholm tour

1 of the ideas & philosophies behind Shredderslodge is to mix &  blend  skateboarders.  In terms of age, personality and in terms of  preferred  (new for everyone) terrain.  3 Generations playing. shown here:  Hjalte Halberg, Hugo Boserup & Thomas Kring is a pretty good example of just that.  Having fun before 10.00 am in the Norrköping, Skatepark,  Sweden.  Everyone rated this park  “pretty good” on the Sweden shredder tour.   a “pretty good” rating means worth the visit, we recommend.  So please go visit.





IMG_8875 stockholm tour

Hugo Boserup, not really happy with the rain & Nacka skatepark in Sweden.  But he ripped it anyways.


IMG_8798 stockholm tour

Here is Thomas Kring, FS  tailslide. Katrineholm skatepark, Sweden.  This park is fun, DOPE locals & scored a total ” we are coming back” rating. ( park was crowded & can cause some trouble as we know)


Tha boyz

Hotel Kneippen Norrkoping, Sweden. RAD local hotel. good price. old school style. Good breakfast.  Team is stoked.



IMG_8678 stockholm tour

Hillbomb at Hotel Kneippen



tobias just og hugo boserup stockholm tour

Tobias Just  & Hugo Boserup


VX Just

Tobias Just. VX Just


Tobias Just - Japan

Tobias Just – Japan. Norrkoping.


Hugo frontside ollie with style

Hugo frontside ollie with style


Peter Stege - Hurricane to fakie

Peter Stege – Hurricane to fakie. Katrineholm skatepark


Oververt frontside smith grind

Oververt frontside smith grind, Shown here is  Thomas Kring. Highvally skatepark. 15 mins from  Stockholm. Area is called  Högdalen.  Now this park is BIG and very interesting. Worth the vist and please do go. You need some time to get use to the terrain. big bonus is that park has a 300 meters ditch & you can go very FAST.  Good for warm ups & big slams, just ask Hjalte Halberg or watch his insta.






Streety tailslide + hill bombing

Thomas Kring, Tailslide.  Vertical veteran hitting the streets in Stockholm.



boardsliding #Selfies are IN now.





The VX beast!

The VX beast! Hjalte.



Corona’s on the Ferry.


Hugo Boserup - Stalefish

Hugo Boserup – Stalefish. Katrineholm Sweden.


Hugo Boserup - Frontside nosebluntslide

Hugo Boserup – Frontside nosebluntslide. Katrineholm.   Hugo’s has a ability to do everything on a skateboard. No pads. lands everything. Spicy or not.  just lands. A pleasure to watch. Hugo is very good.


Hjalte's autograph game is strong

Hjalte’s autograph game is strong


Over and out!

Over and out!

2015 May 13-17th

Big Thanks to Morten Westh, All photos are shot by Morten Westh. 

Text: Morten Westh & Thomas Kring

Tour crew: Peter Stege, Hjalte Halberg, Hugo Boserup, Tobias Just, Morten Westh, Thomas Kring.

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