Haslev BOWL Check out


What: Bowl check out

Build: FSR Beton

Where: Haslev

Adresse:  Haslev School, 45 mins south of CPH, link: https://goo.gl/maps/Nw6dZMVxBTn

Photos: Thomas Kring



Thomas Madsen, Pivot fakie. Haslev while 15 scooter in the bowl checking it out….


Balder Lehman, rock n roll. Haslev 2017

Balder Lehman, rock n roll. Haslev 2017, Good job FSR and Balder on the bowl.


Scooter & kids play in the bowl



Overview, School in the bag ground, Haslev is  a ca 45 mins drive south  from Copenhagen.



Yebba, the bowl is good…Thomas Madsen approved


Playground for some, bowl for others…


2 hips and a extension corner, good size for a sunday session, Lodge approved bowl.  GO check it out.




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