Urban planen, Amager, Copenhagen

Team FSR just pimped up the Urban planen, Amager in Copenhagen with a great park. This park has some good lines, you can not see at first sight. But once you see it. ( figure it out your self) then you will find the speed and you will win the race and tricks. Please enjoy. And OH yeah. GOOD WORK TEAM FSR !! On the pic, this is Balder and Herm, concrete masters and owners of FSR Beton.


OVERVIEW. It rained when we were there, but we dont care and skated any ways.


Overview from the corner


Christopher Bransner back feeble. Good job Chris, flowing the bowl good.



THE BOSS ( one of them) Balder, high speed FS tailslide as we like.


The bank / 1/4 pipe is NIIIICE, Chris and Emil thinks the same.



Trying to get the overview here…



Emil Lien to Tail at the 1/4 pipe bank pipe….


Solid Crew !!!  Nice day out with Balder, Chris, Jimmy, Emil, Herm, and Sebastian. Thanks to all and yes,  this park is worth going to !!! URBAN PLANNEN. Amager, Copenhagen. Call Amager Locals Balder, Daniie and Bjørn while you are there, or anyone from Amager really, TEXT anyone. just call them man. get the session going, fark the small secret sessions. GO BIG. INVITE EVERYONE.

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