For out latest Carhartt WIP Radio show, we feature Disco Halal, the brainchild of DJ/producer Moscoman, and its signature brand of techno, new wave, house and sounds from the Middle East. Hailing from Tel Aviv and now based in Berlin, Moscoman’s distinctive approach to DJing, remixing and production has seen him garner an impressive reputation. As well as releasing music since 2013 on labels like ESP Institute, I’m A Cliche, Correspondant and Eskimo Recordings, he has also released stuff on his own Disco Halal imprint. On any given evening you can catch him behind the decks at some of the world’s most interesting club spots and festivals. Moscoman’s label, Disco Halal, was launched in 2015, with its early days defined by its touching edits infused with Middle Eastern vibes, as well as a highly acclaimed reissue of the TCP album from 1984. Since then, the label has gone on to focus on original, contemporary music from artists such as Russian act Simple Symmetry, as well as Israel’s Chaim and Autarkic, creating an eclectic discography of electronic, house, techno, disco and  downtempo. In his exclusive mix for us, Moscoman has also included some unreleased, upcoming tracks from new artists like Mount Kismet, Yoshinori Hayashi and Kiwi. As usual we talked to the man behind the music. Here is what Moscoman had to say about Disco Halal, spending his youth collecting records and the challenges of re-releasing forgotten gems.


Please enjoy ! 


Simple Symmetry – Plane Goes East (OST Version)
Autarkic – Violence
TCP – The Dynamic Energy (Moscoman Rework)
Kiwi – Pine Marten (Club Version)
Chaim – Ha Lalla
Acid Arab – Le Gaz Qui Fait Rire
Simple Symmetry – Plane Goes East (DJ Tennis Remix)
KMTR – Sorarim
Red Axes + Moscoman + Krikor – Subaru Pesha (Instrumental)
Naduve – Ready Set Go
Mount Kismet – Targajh Movement 2
Yoshinori Hayashi – Stepping On Dewdrops
Autarkic – Warmth (How Mean Is Mean)


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