CPH open storys, Balder Lehman

Balder  and Balders dads horse. 


What is your name ? Balder

Where do you currently live ? Amager copenhagen

Where are you from ? Herlev dk

When are you coming to CPH ? I here right now

Have you been to CPH OPEN before ? Yes every year

What are you going to bring in your bag for CPH open ? Beers

What is your MUST DO during CPH open ? Just see some good skateboarding. And hopefully the new antihero video

Who is going WIN CPH open ? ( please name drop) Peter stege



Peter Stege is gonna win CPH pro, P body is a strong contenter as well, photo: Frederik Tanghøj


Best CPH open memory ? Got beat up by a doorman for asking Where i could hang My hacket at a afterparty in 2012 or 13?

What CPH spots are you going to skate during the CPH open ? Broen properly….


Please go ahead and support under da bridge spot.

Please go ahead and support under da bridge spot.  NOTE:  https://www.gofundme.com/broendiy



Who are you looking forward to enjoy a beer with ? Sam beckett

Who is going to win the CPH party’s? Peter stege or fred

What have you lined up under CPH open ? any surprises ? No just work everyday



Story’s for dayz….


Balder getting down last summer before CPH OPEN , Photo: Thomas Kring




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