Lodge Guest, Pär Magnusson

OG.Hullet,  Photo:  Nils svensson


What is your name ? Pär Magnusson

Where do you currently live ? nobel malmö

Where are you from ? skara sommarland

How old are you ? dirtynine

Sponsors ? lame

Board, Trucks & Wheel size ? short wheelbase , 149, 56

What is your normal skate terrain ? go fast


Kaos in Malmø…Photo: Ole Rauff !


Why do you skateboarding in the first place ? energy wasting

Tell us how a great day is looking for you if you start it with a bbq you know its gonna be a good one

Any hobbys besides skateboarding ? not really, talk shit?

Favorite skateboarders at the moment ? old guys that still rip

What is the future of skateboarding ? How do you see it ? would be rad if we got thrown out of the olympics after first try.

How do you see your own skateboarding future ? depends on what path i choose with my drinking

How are you doing at the moment ? Are you fit for fight ? twisted my knee bad in march, taking my time.

Have you been on any mission(S) lately, you wanna tell about about ? went to california in march, rad to see lower bobs and stuff like that.

Who do you normally skate with ? pyssling, schnigelbob, noah once a year

How does your weekends normally look like ? mostly go to the bar not so much skate

Are you coming to CPH OPEN this summer ? probably

What is your other plans this summer, please let us know a few things your gonna do ? building parks in smalltown sweden all summer




What is the future of vert, street or bowl ? Do you see any new directions ? for me you just skate or you dont, direction is forward

What motivates you at the moment ? not much honestly

Have you ever been to jail ? no

Any random storys you wanna share ? got a bike back in 88 that was pretty cool

Do you cook food ? if so, what do you cook ? pasta with meatsauce super hot. i mean free sauna hot

Do you like a good Glass of RED wine ? nja

Favorite drink(s) ? siracha

Favorite food(s) ? chinese



How does it feel to be on the lodge ? KRING FOR KING

Best Lodge interview / post you have read and why ? Rune Wonder

What should we know about you ? this is your chance to get it our there looking for a wife called donna, hit me up donna.

Any thank you’s i wanna thank brother john for always ripping and fixing alot of jobs for us.

Is there a special person we need to interview ? noah philips, comin here 11th


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