CPH OPEN Q’s & A’s, Gabe Clement

Me and Ben Schroeder at Wonderland Bowl Christiania


What is your name ? Gabe Clement

Where do you currently live ? Redondo Beach, Ca

Where are you from ? Simi Valley, Ca.

When are you coming to CPH ? Monday July 17

How is your skate and party program gonna look ? I am old so I stretch this program out pretty far. I make sure I skate in the mornings so I can start partying about 6pm. Too old to shred and party now.

Have you been to CPH OPEN before ? yes

What are you going to bring in your bag for CPH open ? Medicated Edibles, phone charger, water.

What is your MUST DO during CPH open ? Beer and a joint in Christiania watching the sun set.

Who is going WIN CPH open ? ( please name drop) Evan Smith

Best CPH open memory / story ? In 2009, I was wandering out of Christiania at 4am, as I passed by the Wonderland bowl I heard someone skating. I head in to check it out and I run into my old friend Ben Schroeder. I had no idea he was in town, we where both surprised to see each other there. We roll a joint, drink some beers and skate a bit. I am rolling around on Ben’s board (it is fucking huge! with old Gullwing trucks) I was getting comfortabke and I whipped thru the corners by the roll in, I whip out so fats, put my arm down to catch myself, my head whip lashes against my shoulder and blow my shoulder out. I crawl out of the bowl and hand Ben back his board “that one fucked me up!”. Ben looks right at me and says “you ride Bens board, you slam like Ben”. I had to call Zered and Jimmy Cao to rescue me.

What CPH spots are you going to skate during the CPH open ? As many of the new spots as possible.

Any bars you are going to during CPH ? Dont know the names, I just end up there. Meat Packing District???

Who are you looking forward to enjoy a beer with ? All the Amazing Danish homies, Jared Cleland, Magnus, Camilia!

Who is going to win the CPH party’s? Evan Smith

What have you lined up under CPH open ? any surprises ? A Hang Over

What are you looking forward to during CPH open ? Riding a bicycle thru that beautiful city and skateboarding.

Do you think you will get lucky during CPH open ? I am always lucky in CPH. Lucky to be there!

Last Question, what you got ? I got WEED! and not that dirty shit from Christiania!



Ring Of Fire, the early days.

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