Lodge Guest, Sigurd Klestrup

What is your name ? Sigurd Klestrup

Where are you From ? Copenhagen

How old are you ? 14

Sponsors ? None

Board, Trucks & Wheel size ? Board 8.0 wheels 53 trucks 147

What is your normal skate terrain ? Street

Tell us how a great day is looking for you, a whole day 7.00: -sleeping 11.00: waking up 13.00: going out and skating 15.00: having a dope session 18.00: eating Mc.Donalds 20.00: Night skating 22.00: going home to one of the homies and shredding his backyard miniramp 00.00: chilling 1.00 sleep

Do you think your parents wanted you to skate ? Yeah, my dad skated when he was younger

How are you doing at the moment ? Are you fit for fight ? Year, just got a 100% back from an injury

Have you been on any mission(S) lately, you wanna tell about about ? Thats secret

Who do you skate with ? T-Bone Crew and all the other Homies

What is your plan this spring 2017 & summer ? Filming a street part

What motivates you at the moment ? My homies

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