Lodge Guest, Ole Rauff

What is your name ? Ole Rauff

Where are you From ? Holstebro, Jylland

How old are you ? 46

Sponsors ? Not really

Board, Trucks & Wheel size ? 8.50 Creature Rata Rampa, Indy 159’s, 60mm Speedlab Juggernaut, Bronson bearings and Bones bushings

What is your normal skate terrain ? Park; Bank, small transitions and the rough road

Why do you skateboarding the first place ? It’s fun; Gives you that special feeling

Tell us how a great day is looking for you, a whole day I don’t skate a whole day, but a cruise at Falledparken and Stapelbaddsparken

Do you think your parents wanted you to skate ? Not really

What is the future of skateboarding ? Awesome!; You have the grom vert kids killing it at an early age and in general skatebording is in fine form

How are you doing at the moment ? Are you fit for fight ? I’m doing good; I work early morning dust patrol at Bryggeriet Skatepark in Malmo, monday to friday, and the outdoor parks saturdays and sundays

Have you been on any mission(S) lately, you wanna tell about about ? Last bigger mission was Rumble In Ramona in October last year, that was a ball; And hot! (33c)

Who do you skate with ? Different Bud’s fom Malmo and Copenhagen

What is your plan this spring 2017 & summer ? We have the VANS Park Series in a few weeks; Some Betoncupen events. Going to Gexto, La Kantera with my Gfriend Tiina, Mystic Cup in Prague, CPH Open and maybe another Rumble

What motivates you at the moment ? Work, sun and good times; And my Love.

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