Lodge Photo, Rune Bernth

Anton lage, FS crook

Anton lage, FS crook

Name: Rune Bernth

Age: 44

Where are you from & where do you live ?

8000 Aarhus

Please tell our us about your self, what do you do,

Aarhus local from back in the day when we had a vert on Skt Anna gade. Stopped skating around 90’ started again a couple years ago when my son (William Bernth) got into skating. Skating with your kids is the best – cannot recommend that enough! Also Boardmember in ASS (Aarhus Skate Scene) working to improve our local scene. Doing digital marketing for a living.



Marius, half cab, heelflip

Marius, half cab, heelflip



What kind of equipment do you use?

Nikon D300 , Nikon lenses: 35mm f/1.8, 10.5mm Fisheye. Godox AD360 flashes and a Fuji 100s as my “pocket camera”

How much money do you spend on equipment?

Not much, my main camera is almost 10 years old and probably a bit outdated, but as this is purely a hobby i can’t really justify upgrading right now. A totally up to date camera would be nice though 🙂



Foto: Rune Bernth © //runebernth.dk


Do you only shoot skateboarding? Or other? If other please list?

Mostly skateboarding – always chasing that perfect shot where trick, composition, and lighting all falls into place. Also shot a lot of custom motorcycles related stuff as i have good friends who are doing stuff on that scene. Besides that just my kids 🙂

How long have you been shooting photos?

Always had a camera since I was a kid – so have also spent my time with analogue.

What is your best photo mission(s) to date?

Every mission that involve good friends and rad skating!




Who do you preferred to shot photos with?

Anyone who is up for going all out and is down for repeating the same trick again and again while I get my shit together 🙂 I always end up shooting a lot with my son William and his crew Anders “Killa” Stochholm & Marius Wadmann. And also upcoming local 8000 talent Anton Lage & Oliver Ordon are down for shooting some old school still photography.

Can you make a living out of shooting photos ?

Absolutely no money in photography for me at the moment – money would be nice. But as long as no one pays – I only have to satisfy myself and make exactly the photos that makes me stoked 🙂 and that is pretty cool too.

What your best photo(s) ?

I try to improve all the time – but of course have my favorites. My own favorites are often not the same as what magazines want to use – as my own focus is more on the quality of actual photo and not necessarily how hard the trick is, or if it is a NBD or whatever.

Any photo advises for upcomers ?

Shoot as much as possible. Don’t be afraid to be inspired and steal from whoever you think is best out there. Get honest critique on your photos from someone who knows what they are doing and listen to it 🙂 and of course when you have mastered the basics



Kim Stær, Crooks

Kim Stær, Crooks

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