The pants I skate in

The pants i currently skate in and why.

It’s important that you select clothes, in this case PANTS,  that will be comfortable to wear  & skate in,  but will also provide a wide range of motion and maybe breathability…. Maybe you are into shoes & kicks,  im very much into pants, and today, it is cold and snows outside, so time for pant reviews.



As I skate lots of concrete, and it is pretty common to fall or slide out on your ass or hips.  In this post, I have chosen some pants thats offers a bit of protection from the concrete.  While jeans are always a good bet, I have choose bottoms made from other types of  fabrics, like canvas, just like the Carhartt WIP Double knee pants, or Single knee 12 once  Canvas cotton. Or the  Cotton/Polyester, Master pants. These fabrics has proven to be the right fabrics for when you eat shit, or simple slide out on concrete, as they last longer and can take some beatings.


Master Pant I020074ZD02ZD02

Carhartt WIP Master Pant, has a leg opening of 20 cm, and thigh ca 34 cm, so there is room for  you thigh’s. The chinos has no stretch, but this does not really matter as they are a bit loose. The Polyester is very good quality and last longer on the concrete.



For some reason, it seems like i only slide on my right side of the hip.

Ruck Double Knee Pant_I0229817702_06

Carhartt WIP Ruck Double Knee Pant, this work wear style is the slimmer version, i go one size up, in order to make it more loose. 

Simple Pant_I0200756280262802

Carhartt WIP Simple pants, 22 cm leg opening, this is a baggier pant, im slowing getting into this. Lots of room and space, old school pockets !!!


All my pants are damaged on the right side …Pictured here is Carhartt WIP Master pants and Carhartt WIP Double knee pants


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