Lodge Guest, Sebastian Bromose

Name: Sebastian Bromose

Current: Job / school: I’m in 9th grade and I work as a skate schoolteacher

Where are you from? Gentofte Denmark

Please name (if possible) please name a cool place from where you are from? There is a lake by my house that’s pretty cool I guess

Where do you currently live? Gentofte, 15 min from CPH,  Denmark

(If possible) please name a cool spot from where you are from? Jægers

What nationaly do you feel the most? Danish

Family status: mom dad sister and two dogs

Age: 16

Sponsors: none unfortunately

Years of skateboarding: 6

Board size: 8.25

Wheel size: 53 mm

Trucks: thunder: 149

I change set up every: month

Current Board trend: I don’t know colored bolts I guess




Please state your type of terrain on your board in hours, days and years or other

Street: 50%

(Skatepark) Flow Street 40%

Miniramp: 5%

Bowl: 5%

Please tell us about your daily DAY by the hours:

This is a classic Saturday

06.00 on my way home

07.00 home eating ramen

08.00 sleeping

09.00 sleeping

10.00 sleeping

11.00 sleeping

12.00 sleeping

13.00 waking up

14.00 eating breakfast

15.00 on my way to Copenhagen skatepark

16.00 session at Copenhagen skatepark

17.00 session still on

18.00 session still on

19.00 probably on my way to get some food

20.00 back for a quick session before heading out

21.00 calling the boys

22.00 meeting the boys at some bar

23.00 playing dart or Meyer

24.00 drinking

01.00 drinking


Kickflip Hellerup, near CPH. photo: Thomas Samuel

Kickflip Hellerup, near CPH. photo: unknown, credits coming

How are you doing at the moment? I’m good, hyped to see the weather changing

How is your body at the moment, (injuries, knees, back, and so)? My right knee is pretty fucked, when I bend it towards myself it hurts.

When did you start to skate and why? What tricked you into this?

One of my good friends started skating, and I remember trying his board and I just fell in love with it

Do you think you made the right choice (instead of playing football FX?)?

I pretty much suck at any other sport so yes definitely

Any person’s ( skateboarders or other ) that influences you at the moment? Not really

What gets you motivated & Hyped ? Fast and aggressive skating

Please comment your feelings, memories (if you are that old) & know how about Skateboarding in the

 80s style

 90s hip hop

 2000+ gnarly skating

 2010+ trendy Instagram videos

 Do you feel skateboarding is in a good way? Yes and no

Where do you stand & please comment with skateboarding in the Olympics? It’s kind of a weird subject because, I don’t think of skateboarding as an Olympic sport. But some people love, seeing skateboarding progress into some big sport.

Where do you stand in terms of politics? Let’s not go down that road

Who do you chill with at the moment? William, Fredwart, Malte, Thomas, Asger, Karloz, Mathias,

I’m have been on a mission lately with,  Me Fredwart and Thomas skated Israelsplads the other day

Explain the Dream session, every session were all the boys skate together is a dream session.

Lately I have been working on, Not being too lazy

When I was little I would like to, be a policeman

When I’m home I like to, eat ramen and watch TV

What kind of music to you listen to ? all kinds of stuff, lately I’ve been into 90s pop music

I normally call my homies for, skating or beer

Your homies are, Will, Malt, Oliver, Fred, Thomas, Asger, Krille,

I enjoy going to, the movies


Beer: pilsner

Wine: don’t drink wine

Liquor: rum


Breakfast: English breakfast

Lunch: durum

Dinner: Pizza

Late-night snack: ramen

Resturant: Riz Raz


Skateboarders: Brandon Westgate, Cole Wilson

Skatepark: fælledparken, Jægers

Skate spot: Litauens plads

Skate film / clip: Cole Wilson just dropped a heavy part in the new foundation video

You fave Tricks: kickflip and 360 flip


Art: Leonardo da Vinci

Film: in the heart of the sea

Music: David Bowie and queen

Book: I don’t read books

City’s: Copenhagen, Berlin, Barcelona


Writers: none

Actors: Morgan freeman

Skaters: none

Homeboys: will and malt

Random’s: Jacob Theilgaard


Tablet: iPad

TV: Samsung

Camera: canon

Phone: iPhone

APP: tapped out

Car: Mercedes

Bike: Harley

Ollie Carlsberg, photo: Thomas Samuel

Ollie Carlsberg, photo: Thomas Samuel

When was the last time you really won big time? When I did a kickflip from quarter to quarter/over the bank in Copenhagen skatepark, I was so hyped on that.

When was the time you really lost big time? When I broke my arm a couple of years ago, and couldn’t skate for 9 months.

When I travel, I always bring, my board camera and lots of cash.

Best travel advice I can give is, don’t fuck with the police, they are not as nice as they are in Copenhagen for example. When I was in Barcelona with Fredwart and Johan Benda, we were skating a spot by a playground. And some guy called the police on us because he was afraid, that we would hurt the kids who was playing there. But that didn’t make any sense at all, because there was a fence between us and the playground. When the police showed up we got a ticket for 100euro each, while small kids were riding longboards right beside us.

Best life advice I can give is, don’t do anything unless you want too and, just be yourself.

Are you good with money, do you plan, safe it, cash in or blow it)? I definitely blow my money

Best travel memory you want to share? When I was in Barcelona with Fredwart Gustav Høve and Johan Benda, we sat at the beach eating ice cream and chilling

When I do not skateboard, I sleep eat and drink

My fitness program is, not existing

Do you care about your health? No sometimes I pretend to but honestly, I don’t care.

Anything that concerns you at the moment? Education

When I get old I want to, build my own house and smoke pipe

I would NEVER, become a feminist

I would like to see more of, Danish skateboarding

That one time where I was in jail because of, I have never been to jail

I should do more of, learning new tricks

My future looks like, skating and chilling

I dream of some day that I would, be able to make money in the skateboard industry

On Netflix / YouTube / Internet,  I watch, series, movies, and stuff

If I could change the world I would, make the use of oil illegal

Everybody should own, a skateboard

The hobby I have, no one knows about is, I love old antique items

I will never get rid of, my friends

I would love to be in a movie with, Samuel L. Jackson

Any regrets in life so far? a lot

Who should we follow on social media at the moment ? tiannag is always a nice way to start the day

Any Thing Else, give Frederik Kronborg Andersen a lodger

Thanks to,  Fredwart, William, Baxxel, Høve/ My driver, Thomas


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