Lodge Film, Pierre Stachurska

What kind of equipment do you use?

I have 2 cameras that I use for filming (Iphone not include). The Nikon D810 which is for the quick and dirty stuff, lines or bonus angel. And I have a Sony Fs7, and that is for the funky hammer slowmo/the artsy emo stuff.

I am a big sucker for the slowmo epicness, which I try to show in my videos, through my choice in music and the way i edit my films, it should melt together as one. Its a little different path from the classic skate videos, but I try to highlight the beauty of skateboarding instead of the hardcore gangster stuff.



What do you prefer?

I enjoy putting together an entirety in my videos, the music and filming are all on purpose and i try to think it through as much as possible before I start my project. The location is very important part of it as well, i love beautiful light, nice composition, cool looking buildings, getting the right angle and filming ekstra scenes for proper editing.

I have filmed since 2003 and the first 10 years was with the Sony vx2000 and the deathlens, which made the quick and dirty videostyle. To be honest, I just got tired of doing the same thing over and over, so I wanted to try and give it a more cinematic style. It´s the same with everything else, you want to progress…

How much money do you spend on equipment?

To much and not enough, My passion is photography/cinematography, so all of my money, and all my interest have been focused towards photography. Good equipment, cost a lot of working hours, and I´m willing to put in the work. But I promise you, the list is still long.



Do you only shoot skateboarding? Or other? If other please list?

I work in a photostudie where I am responsible for the video production. And my boss have a lot of nice connections. So I have done music videos, fashion videos, corporate, commercial, etc… And then in my spare time, I have this big passion for the nature. I love walking in the forest, along with my camera.

How long have you been filming & how did you start ?

I have been filming since 2002 (taking pictures since 1999) and it all startet with one of my friends had this cheap ass camera and a computer to edit it on. It was actually the editing I first fell in love with, this thing with making it fit to the music. I remember long nights at my friends place (thanks Jesper) where he fell asleep and I just continued, I was completely consumed and couldn’t stop… Good times : )

What is your best film mission so far ?

My best……hmmmm, there have been a lot… But back in 2003 I meet Mads Christensen (he was 13-14), and the first time I was in Herning with him, he completely destroyed it, I was only there fri-sunday and I got back with so much material, almost 1/2 part as I remember it. He have this speciel approach, where he just landed the tricks, good tricks. It wasnt many people in Denmark back then, who had that ability.



What is the differenct from the 80 90 20 2010s in filming ?

80´s : 144p

90´s : 240p

00´s : 480p

10`s : 1080p

Who do you preferred to film with?

The LabCph boys, is a treat, and specially Mads Christensen, he is so consistent, that it almost make it to easy for me : )

Any film advises?

Film as much as you can, and keep it as steady as you can.


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